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Moms Evil Ex Boyfriend Is Trying To Hurt Us

How do I banish this evil man? He beat my mother and she divorced him.

Years later he shot himself in the head and he still loves my mother and he is tormenting me and is scaring me. His energy is so strong and evil. He is jealous of the love my mom has for me and he doesn’t like me. He’s strong his energy physically choked me when I said to leave our home you aren’t welcome my mother doesn’t want you leave us alone move on and I felt hands wrapping around my throat.

I left the room and when I return minutes later a picture album was layed out on a page of him and my mother when they were still together. On the paper it said you can’t stop me I’m terrified please help

Asked by Emily

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Hi Emily,

You can try asking this: “Archangel Michael, please FIND (insert ex boyfriend’s name here) and TAKE him into healing.” That might cross him over if he is a ghost.

Other than that, there are White Light Shields you can make which are listed under “Pages” on this webpage and the Michael Invocations. You could also ask a priest to come bless the home and ask them to cross over the ghost.

Hello Emily,

Have you told your mother what has happened? It might be best if she does the Michael Invocation Micle mentioned, to clear your home, herself, and then you. And since you are sensitive to spirits and ghosts, the White Light Shields will help you too, even after everything in your home settles down.

Love & Peace

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