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Is My Friend’s Spirit Still With Me?

After all this time, could my best friend’s spirit still be with me.

MY best friend since childhood, who lived across the road from me for 15 years, passed away 10 years ago in a terrible way. We don’t really know everything that happened, but we do know he was basically murdered, just noone can get proof. When he passed away, it changed my life…. At first I had terrible dreams, nightmares if you will, of him. Like he wasn’t at peace.

The first dream I had of him, he was standing on the porch of my other friend’s house. I pulled into the driveway, got out of my car, ran up to him and grabbed him and hugged him so tightly and told him how happy i was to see him. He looked confused, kinda scared, like he was lookin for someone to come after him. After I hugged him and looked at him, it dawned on me that he was dead. I told him that he was dead, and he replied “I know; But I’m not suppose to be.” And then I woke up.

2nd dream I had, he was in some trailer lying down on a couch, Seemed like he was having a very hard time breathing. He motioned for me to come towards him. I did, but cautiously. He then reached out to me, to hug him. I felt scared to go near him in my dream, because of the way he was breathing, but I went to him, and hugged him. After that dream, I went to his grave. His name is Tom.. as I did on a regular for awhile and I broke down and cried. I told him I felt that he wasn’t at peace. And that though I would miss him dearly, I just want him to move onto the other side. But if he could, come in and check on me every now and then. And that I loved him, so much, and had life been differently I woulda been with him. He truly was the bestest friend I had ever had, and had been with me, in my life, right across the road since I was 6 years old. I digress.

Last dream I had, We were at our old middle school. I was walking down the hallway and saw my friend, Tom. Walking in the opposite direction of me. He was wearing blue jeans, White t-shirt, and a white hat, and had no facial expression at all.. He walked slowly passed me, I looked him and was saying his name. But it was like he didn’t know me. He didn’t say a word. IT kinda irritated me, so I followed him outside of the school. A white jeep pulled up, with people in it. And they were all wearing white too. He got into the back of the jeep, and finally, before pulling off, he looked at me. And I woke up.

He died in 2006. It’s now 2016. I was 4 months pregnant when he passed, with my first child, whom he said would help raise, even though it wasn’t his child. Since then I have had 3 more children. 1 I lost during pregnancy, and 2 living. I named my son after Tom, and have also helped to take care of his aging grandmother. I talk about him to my children. They know him as “uncle Tom”. He has been on my mind alot lately, Especially given that it has been 10 years since his passing, but for some reason, it seems not that long ago.

Anyways, his birthday and when he died was this passed august. It’s now the begining of sept, and for about 3 weeks now, My children and I have heard 3 knocking sounds at our front door, but when I go to open it, there’s nobody there. And also, where I have been thinking about Tom alot when I’m by myself, and sometimes I cry, I get goosebumps, as if I’m cold, but I’m not. It feels as though it could possibly be him, but Im just not sure.

It’s not that I don’t believe in things like that, I do and have always believed. I guess Im just not sure if it actually could be him… I miss him so much, and he missed out on a lot. He died 20 days before his 17th birthday. I’m now 29, and it saddens me that I never got to know the man he could have been. IF you could help with any advice, all would be welcoming.

Thank you, and may God be with us all.

Asked by Dawn

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I knew I had read this message somewhere before, and found it at the end of the “Does Hearing Three Knocks have a certain meaning” page. Dawn and I had a discussion there. I will copy it here:

Hello Dawn,

The longer we are out of heaven the more lost and confused, or worse, angry, we become. Your description of your experiences with Tom is a classic example and why people like Micle and I try to help lost souls cross into heaven. He gave you good advice.

Anniversaries and birthdays can get me down too. My friend Stefan, who died at 93, had his birthday on the 24th August. I went to his facebook site and left a message, as I always do since he died three years ago. I know he’s in heaven because I made sure. And your Tom needs to be in heaven too, and your angels can make sure he crosses .. so that the next time you dream of him, he’ll be all smiles and you’ll know he is fine.

The cold energy comes because Tom is a ghost. They draw heat and life force from us, sometimes unintentionally, and they can affect our moods, make us angry or sad .. though they often don’t mean to do this. Ghosts feed on living human energy, once they are spirits they don’t need it anymore ..

So for your best interests, and Tom’s, say Micle’s request, and send your friend Home. He’ll love you more for it.

Love & Peace

Dawn then wrote:

thank you so much. your answers have reassured me. I have posted on other sites, and they told me I needed to talk to a grief counselor. But I don’t think its that im still grieving. though i do cry from time to time, because i miss him. I have grown stronger, and of course older. I was just 19 when he passed. I haven’t had a dream of him in about 5 or 6 years. I do miss seeing his face, but I swear it’s like I can feel his presence near me. Like Ive heard a little voice in my head telling whether or not I should or shouldn’t do something. Like he was guiding me. Could it be possible that he is mine and my children’s guardian angel?? Even my oldest daughter has said that she believes she has saw “uncle Tommy”. I was pregnant with her when he passed. But I’ve got 2 or 3 pictures up of him, and she knows what he looks like. I also got a tattoo with his name and date of his birth and death. Is there a way I could talk to him? or is there a way I could know that he’s at peace, and not lost? because that is what bothers me the most. Is not knowing whether or not he is at peace. And again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out, and not make me feel as though im just emotionally unwell like other people on forums have tried to make me feel. Thank you for not judging. <3

My answer was:

Hello again, Dawn,

Make the request that Micle suggested. Your angels, and Tom’s, will make sure he gets Home. Believe me. I’ve been doing this work for over 30 years now. The next time you ‘see’ Tom, probably in your dreams, you’ll know he’s fine.

Love & Peace

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