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Spirit With Red And Black Horns Is Scaring My son

I have some type of spirit with red and black horn scaring my 9 yr old son at night. he’s told me a few times but I played it off until I saw it for my self watching him from the stairs.

I have seen ghostly figures all my life especially when I was a child but never nothing like this.

My grandmother was the only family member that believed me as a child and actually told me she knew I could see them.

I don’t want my son to be afraid like I was as a child. How canĀ  I rid this from my home?

Asked by M Alford

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Hello M,

It could be one of two things – a nasty entity, or a curious elemental (nature spirit). What does your son say it actually does?

With the elemental kingdom, you can probably just go into your son’s bedroom (or whatever room he most sees it) and demand it leave your home as it has no right to be there and frighten your child. Otherwise I recommend you either ask the minister of your local church to come and bless your home, or you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear it, and also to clear your son (say it once each for them). The instructions are on the page. There is also a link to White Light Shields there that will help keep the house clear of odd energies, and entities.

The elemental kingdom is very curious about humans, but sometimes they can look incredibly odd.

Love & Peace