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Meaning Of Black Fingerprints?

Hi there!  I just recently had an experience where I was calmly sitting and talking with a friend in a vacation house we rented, when out of nowhere three fingerprints and a thumb (I think a thumb?) appeared on my cheek and chin.

I didn’t feel anything but we simply cannot explain how it happened as no one else was there and no one touched my face and my hands were completely clean.

I have had lots of experience with paranormal activity throughout my life (I’m 42 now) but nothing as personal as this.

Any advice?  I am not comfortable with this whatsoever.  Thanks

Asked by Andy

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Hi Andy,

If something touched me with dirty fingers I would either ask it to wash its hands, or cross it (him/her) into a place of healing .. since ghosts generally touch me to get my attention, and my help.

So, what sort of advice are you looking for?