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How To Rotate The PSI Wheel?

Hello, what do I have to do? Last week I started to learn about telekinesis and other psychic abilities and I have made a PSI wheel.

Today, after I was doing a 10-15 minutes of meditation, I was trying to make the wheel rotate. I just moved it a little bit. How to rotate it?

Please help me and sorry for my bad English.

Asked by Iris

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Hi Iris,

Did you put the wheel covered by a jar or a clear container? That might help you see more accurate results. When I tried a psi wheel, I just imagined energy pushing through my arms and coming out of my hands while I actively tried pushing energy through my hands to get the psi wheel to move. I think I might have also tried visualizing the wheel moving in the direction I wanted it to go. Sorry if that’s not helpful at all.

Hi Iris,

Covering the wheel means that a stray breeze doesn’t make it move and you can be sure that’s its your energy doing the moving.

Another way to get the wheel to turn is to focus on a direction that you want it to spin and visual it spinning in your mind. Then decide to project the energy of the vision into the wheel … you might find it easier to begin by closing your eyes when you create the image in your mind, and then opening them as you project the energy towards the wheel.

It takes time to learn any new skill, so don’t think you are not succeeding if it takes months instead of moments to make this happen.

Love & Peace