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How Do I Get Rid Of The Woman In My Closet?

There was a woman in my closet. What do I do and how do I get rid of her?

Hi, I’m Kala I’m pregnant and I just moved in with my sister recently. She’s got two daughters and a son. They themselves have never really experienced anything strange in the house. But ever since I moved in I’ve just had a funny feeling. I’m always paranoid and looking around.

I was home alone today getting ready to go out on a date. I was in the bathroom and walked back into my bedroom when I noticed my closet door was open (it usually opens by itself, I just thought it was the house settling or something) so I went to close it like normal when I looked in and there was a woman staring back at me. It was dark in the closet but I think she had black hair and was rather young looking (20ish) and pretty. I was mostly focused on her eyes and they just seemed dark and hollow with a light glowing in the middle. I just slammed the door shut, grabbed my stuff and left.

I was home alone and was not about to be tormented by this figure.

What does this mean?

Why did she appear to me?

And why in my closet?

How do I handle this situation?

Please help me, thank you.

Asked by Mikala D

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Hello Mikala,

I would be wondering why a ghost was hiding in your closet too. She doesn’t sound very happy. Perhaps she thought that you can not only see her, but help her.

How to handle the situation .. I would cross her into heaven so that she can find the peace and healing that she needs. You can do this by using the Michael Invocation, which you can find a link to at the bottom of this webpage .. say it and describe her and her angels, and yours, will cross her safely “Home” (heaven in whatever form she believes in).

And I also suggest that you follow the link through to White Light Shields and learn them and use them to protect yourself, your home, and any other house you visit, from ghosts ..

Ghosts ‘find’ me when they need help, or when they are particularly troublesome .. so that I can assist them into a place from which they can do no harm, and find the love and healing that they need. Perhaps you too have this gift, but right now you are young and pregnant, so take care of yourself and your baby first. The rest can wait.

Love & Peace