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Mankind’s Natural Abilities

Which of these abilities are NATURAL and can be obtained without magical summoning? I think this might be an awesome topic of discussion.

Reverse Empathy
Astral Projection
Premonitions (without scrying or mirror gazing)

Can these be inherited traits?

Why does Christianity scrutinize these traits when many prophets and seers (and ordinary people) used these gifts in the bible to prophesize events to come or to hear the voice within?

Faith can also be a source of extraordinary power when used as a feeling rather than a mindset. Why would this literally be written if gifts are “demonized.” Or is it because Christianity “demonizes” things they don’t want to understand?

Life is beautiful – so – live it beautifully

Asked by Shayna

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Oh, cursed day job!!….I could write on this one for hours. And I may. Just have to go to a bunch of meetings first.

So I’ll come back and answer more fully, but I wanted to start out the conversation with:

Humbly, and on the contrary….I don’t think Christianity scrutinizes this enough (if so, it’s because of fear). Quite the opposite, these days. For a while, they did. The Gnostics where very in tune to natural/learned abilities. Then they were cast out as heretics. But I admit, some of their beliefs where a little out there (which makes me a big fan).

I have never used spells/summoning, but have either gained or learned the following from your list, throughout the 35 years of existence so far:

Telekinesis –only assumed…and only when I don’t really expect it. I and my wife can absolutely kill electronic devices. Mostly by trying to make them work…so a bit opposite-o world :). Tesla believed he could tap into the Ether, but for him, it was more of a collective consciousness. I also think this is possible…but the “collective mind” makes reality a bit rigid. So the payoff is very relative.

Empathy –Always. To a painful degree. Helps read people in my job…but also tends to overwhelm me when the work politics is at a high. It is a bit limited, as I need to at least hear a person’s voice, or at least see them from afar if I’ve never engaged them before. Can’t do it with zero reference.
I didn’t start life with this….I gained it by becoming very captivated by human interaction.

Reverse Empathy –Maybe. I’m not a natural skeptic (anymore…I quit a couple years ago), but I have had the ability to push emotions. Not in a Mule kind of way (From the “Foundation” series by Isaac Asimov), where I can blanket a lot of people. But with enough of my own social tells, I can change the mood of a room, a majority of the time. I’m very careful and humble with this one, however. It has an amazing ability to backfire on a person. I believe this is because of karma.

Astral Projection — I just did this last week for the first time. I would also humbly submit that dreams be added to the list. Lucid dreaming was the most prominent ability I came into this incarnation with. But I’m starting to believe that it set the foundation for growth in Astral Projection, as I think the two are very much connected.

Premonitions (without scrying or mirror gazing) — Yes. Not all the time, and usually something pretty trivial. But always in dreams. Never as a “vision”, unless it was in hypnagogia ( or really, Sleep paralysis/False awakenings).

So, my quick answer is: I do believe very much that we all have access to a lot of “gifts”. I think they are native…we’ve just forgotten how to use them. As we grow in life, we have chances to remember these gifts….Summoning may be a way to invoke these internally, but I’ll stop there, as I know so little about that, there’s simply no need to embarrass myself or insult the OP.

I will simply say that I have been trying to summon these throughout life. Mostly through will, and not ritual….but I very much think it’s possible to learn new abilities….or perhaps “better understand the ones we already have.”

Fantastic question, Anon!
I’ll try to come back and add more….in the meantime, please expound. Always like to know the basis for the question, as well as your own thoughts.


Hello Anon, if you’ll tell me your name I’ll put your name on your question, because its a very good question.

That entire list is ‘natural’. Psychic gifts are natural abilities of the human body/energy system, they are not dropped on us by demons, though a conflict situation could enhance one or all of them, to try and keep the person safe from harm.

The gifts tend to run in families .. and I’m thinking that’s because of how the human brain is wired. We inherit certain physical traits from each parent, so if one has a brain wired for telepathy its likely a child of theirs would have the same gift. Both my kids have telepathy, which they probably got from my mother’s side of the family. I take after my father more, so don’t have it. Genetics are fascinating.

Clairvoyance – clear vision .. seeing the future, protects us from harm when used right. Allows educated decisions in the same way.

Clairaudience – hearing the unseen .. same. Also aids in spiritual growth if you can hear your guides and angels. Helps folk like me talk to ghosts, to cross them into heaven.

Clairsentience .. being able to ‘sense’ the unseen .. another protective measure

Claircognizance .. knowing something about someone that they are not expressing in another way? Another way of protecting ourselves from harm.

Telekinesis .. toss something away from you, or pull it towards you

Empathy .. to be able to ‘read’ the mood of a person, or a room full of people. Again, this is a protective measure. We are not supposed to turn into sponges and absorb the negativity, but many people do. That’s because their empathic ability is not working right. A person like this should learn energy shields to protect themselves, otherwise their ‘ability’ ends up harming them instead.

Reverse Empathy .. I have never heard of this and had to look it up. Cute name but not a very logical explanantion. With empathy one reaches out and senses the mood of the room. With ‘reverse empathy’ they reach out and enforce their will over the room? As I said, empathy out of balance will mean a person is overwhelmed by the energy of the room, but its not a voluntary thing, it just happens and it happens because the person’s empathic gift is not working right. This one is equally out of balance. Oh yes, I can do it too, but it has nothing to do with empathy. And its very bad for our karma to choose to do this. It is far better to use our psychic gift of healing to calm and empty out the room, then we are not ‘forcing’ anything, or anyone, to feel the way we want them to.

Astral Projection .. the majority of people (not including some with mental illness) do this quite naturally when they sleep. It’s normal.

Premonitions (without scrying or mirror gazing) .. called ‘the gift of prophecy’ when done in a church, and usually called ‘a Word’ from God, and biblical imagery. It is a gift, it can also be a nightmare. It can show possible futures (like clairvoyance), and definite ones, but how the future turns out is still in the hands of the receiver, because they can change their minds, and their lives, just by going out the back door, instead of the front .. if the ‘prophet’ tells them their life will change when they step out the ‘front’ door. The future is never fixed in stone.

The church frowns upon anything that might get people in trouble with demons, or draws them away from the bible’s teachings (whichever bible they invent). I can understand that. They also don’t seem to like any information that doesn’t fit with what they teach about the bible – so if you get a message from your angels that says God Loves Unconditionally and Jesus is not going to turn into an avenging Messiah and send anyone who steps even one toe over the ‘line’, marked ‘the 12 commandments’ (and yes, there are 12), to ‘Hell’ – then of course the church will tell you it was demons speaking because you just undermined their entire belief system. How can the church heirarchy control us if we don’t have something to fear? They do! They fear the loss of their power and control over the masses – a control they don’t deserve, given the behaviour of ‘some’ of the priests and ministers of various differing groups that label themselves Christians. BTW, Christ was not Christian .. that came later.

You know, faith is a stronger energy than belief. If we have faith in something we are sending it our energy all the time, if we then just ‘believe’ we no longer have to feed the ‘faith’ anymore. Belief is a static energy (non-moving .. rutlike .. think of all the interesting beliefs people can have, that they refuse to give up, even in the face of ‘facts’ contrary to their beliefs? :-)) The angels are happy for us to believe in them, but they want us to continue to have ‘faith’ in God.

Does the church demonize things they don’t understand? I don’t know if they do it anymore. It’s obvious they used to, but with the advances in modern technology, medical and mystical, many things we used not understand we now ‘believe’ we can explain. If the church stepped in now and said ‘God says you can’t do such-and-such’ some people would follow, but most would just shake their heads and get on with whatever it was the church was trying to ban. The world is, after all, a ball, not flat.

I agree, life is beautiful. It is up to each of us to find the beauty within ourselves and live it.

Thank you,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi all,
Many thanks for the comments so far.
I do want to say that there are so many things to learn I think one lifetime might not be enough LOL, on the topic of “reverse empathy” well I had absolutely no idea what to call it, but it seemed fitting because it’s the exact opposite of empathy – but you have the idea right Ama, it does have a lot to do with healing, and it can be an absolute pest if your solar plexus chakra is out of balance.
Well I must say that I’ve “mirror gazed” many times in my life before I knew it was a form of scrying – it came to me naturally most times – its always good to know your theory, never good to practice. 🙂
There are some things that actually get so complicated you can think about it for days, but an open mind is fun to have. I do think that on a general level people are becoming more “in tune” with their spiritualistic sides but you still get some really stubborn ones 🙂
Ama – I do have an interesting question for you, why did you get into spirit rescue? You would need to have natural empathic and healing abilities to do that, which take massive amounts of energy, how do you do it? Gee, you must have some strong energy sources.
Siddle – you sound like one of those people I could talk to for hours – I actually asked this question because my gifts are inherited (but I think my grandmother’s magical escapades could have helped this along), and its just a generally interesting subject. How long did it take you to fully develop? It’s taken me a few decades – (trying hard not to give away my age here)I’ve never been a fast learner LOL.
Well, lunch is almost over and its back to that darn computer 🙂
Godspeed guys!
Shayna (Anon)

Hello Shayna,

Welcome to our fun park. We hope you stay and play with us. 🙂 I am 50 .. not being bothered by my age. I was admiring my grey hairs in the car mirror this afternoon. They grow more abundant .. particularly since my daughter likes to pluck a few each time she visits me (we believe pluck one, regrow a few ..eek). Ok, I am just mucking around. 🙂

Why did I get into spirit rescue? Oh, long story. Hmm …? I was born to do this?

I have a brother. At two he was driving his toy cars, and fixing them, and anything else he could take apart, and then put back together again. When he was 17 he left school and got an apprenticeship as a mechanic .. and now he drives the vehicles he can repair, and toy helicopters? LOL We always knew he’d get into cars etc, but he went for trucks .. the big ones. 🙂

At five I told my mother’s friends that I was going to be a demonologist (a person who knows far too much about stuff other people don’t need to know about – not someone who calls them and begs favours). You can imagine the shock. LOL I didn’t know what the word meant, but I certainly knew what ghosts, spirits and demons were by then. I didn’t believe in angels yet, wasn’t sure about the elemental world, but they both introduced themselves along the way .. and when I finally stopped trying to be what everyone else expected me to be .. I became me, a much happier version of the ‘self’ I was attempting to create.

My energy source .. is Mother Earth herself. It’s the same source that every living person connects to through their Earth Star Chakra, but I’ve learned to draw energy as needed, that’s if I don’t produce the energy myself, and I have it ‘beyond abundance’ when I am ‘working’, but I do not live switched on all the time, I would burn myself out, and have done so on occasion .. I tend to learn best through my mistakes. LOL

Why do rescue work .. because I remember being dead and a lost soul, and being rescued by a grey haired old lady who reached into the bubble of memory I had wrapped around myself, to trap me in time and space, and draw me out and send me into healing. She set me free, with a bit of persuasion on her part .. I have never really stopped being stubborn, and I do the same for others, when they find me, or I find them. Sometimes ghosts just arrive looking for help, sometimes I walk into their space .. because I like ghost hunting, but I also get asked to clear haunted houses, of ghosts and other nastier entities. Over the years I’ve learned a lot on the subject, through reading, talking to other people, and just plain experience. And I’ve had many of the ‘rescued’ come back to say thank you .. because we really do become different people after we return to healing/heaven. We are only aspects of our ‘selves’ on earth, small slices of a very big pie.

The other strong energy source is, of course, the Michael angels. I have a few. We all have a guardian, and then there’s Mica and her gang .. or troupe (mental image of circus performers .. let me pick another word .. ;-)), phalanx. They are there when we need them, go where I ask them to, and problem solve for me, with my permission .. because they require it to connect to lost souls, to help them find peace. And they have had a profound effect on me and my life, and I am forever grateful .. not to mention they are fun to play with. 🙂

Scrying – I’ve never bothered with mirrors or bowls of water. If I want a vision I just close my eyes .. and if its appropriate to the situation, and my spiritual growth .. I get plenty. And then there are the unexpected ones .. LOL

Ok, Shayna, your turn .. what do you do that is your gift? And what is it that gets so complicated that you have to think about it for days?

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,

Firstly let me say – I admire what you do – there aren’t many that would have the guts – so may Jehovah bless you in your journey.
As for me, my gift is somewhat difficult to explain, and I’ve been through a few very (let’s say unsettling moments), I can feel and hear residual and live energy. Let me elaborate – I live in an apartment block so if you think about how many negative and positive energies used to reside and currently reside there – it can be quite overwhelming, a lot like empathy on a massive scale. I do spiritual counselling part-time for people who go through extremely bad experiences spiritually as I can personally relate to them (although I’ve stopped for a while – I’ve been having a few doubt issues) its been one of those instances where the counsellor needs counselling. LOL, and of course everything else that comes with the territory, clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.(Those took me a long number of years to develop though) I can’t do telekinesis though, or telepathy, but anything’s possible. I can “see” my life from an outside angle (literally) a very good tool for problem solving, but that has it’s consequences if I may say so – also a gift that is extremely difficult to explain without sounding like someone who’s lost their marbles. LOL. It’s been the most awesome journey and the most fulfilling, on another note for much of my life it was the most “depressive and difficult.” Unfortunately I only learnt how to protect myself later in life, so for a while I lived in complete fear. But that’s my story 😀 it’s not much but I wouldn’t be complete without my experience.
Again, may you have Godspeed on your never-ending journey Ama, may you be protected and blessed.
On another note – I think when we pluck those grey hairs at least twenty come to it’s funeral 😀 its a sign of growing wisdom I say.

Kind regards,

Hello Shayna,

Here is my beliefs: All of these gifts can be inherited/developed in every human. Some blood lines ‘might’ be stronger than others.

I do not openly practice my ‘gifts’; but I have been more curious about them.

Clairvoyance– I have this– sometimes… mostly when I least expect it.
Clairaudience– I hear my guides more often then ghosts… this happens maybe twice a month.
Clairsentience– anyone who can sense electro magnetic fields can claim this.

Claircognizance– everyone has it.

Telekinesis– I have not ever come across this. So I do not know. Although I believe in telepathy. I am a twin. We often say/do things at the same time…quite a few times a week even though we are total opposites.. I always tell her when she dies I will have no Will to live, and it won’t be something I can help. I will die without her, something I always have known to be true.

Empathy– yes, I believe that everyone has this.

Reverse Empathy– not sure.

Astral Projection– yes once again.

Premonitions — my favorite… Since 2008 when my friend committed suicide I have had dreams, and heard/known of when someone was going to die. Ususally, I’m to busy with my life and I become obssessed with death, and then later remember the dream I have forgotten of the person.

Premonitions were my guides way of getting me to believe I was sane (I thought I was mental for a long time). After stopping counting of over 20 deaths of people/animals around me since 2008, I knew I was not insane.

Here are 2 examples: 1) I was driving home with my twin, and I had a sense of dread around her, I told her I sensed death around her, and I was upset, the 2 people I did not want to know were going to die was my twin’s and my cat (which they ended up telling me about my cat and I was quite upset for a while–I was 18 at the time)… Well I just had a knowing sense while I was awake and I told her that I sensed death around her and I was scared, I didn’t want to read any more into it as I felt betrayed by my guides.

My dad and her less than 3 days later found a homeless man dead on the side of a highway ramp. Unknown cause of death. I sent him Home after he followed me home.

2) I had a dream my great grandmother was dying. I saw a closed casket yet knew she was going to be in there even though she lived a few states away and she was still currently alive before the dream.

I was obsessed with her name (I wasn’t close enough to her to know her name) but I remember being obsessed over her name in science class. Then I had the dream with the closed casket.

Her daughter Sue (who is still alive to this day) was the one that told me who was in the coffin, and that she would be dying soon. I accepted it, and when I looked at the Sue- look-a-like. I saw black eyes and a black mouth. The Sue look-a-like wasn’t actually my grandma, but just an empty shell, but the “soul” I felt in place of Sue’s soul was an emptiness, but it wasn’t something evil.. it just was… At the time of this dream, I was still in denial with my guides of them being real, so they came to me in different forms of people who I know to be dead, but that was the first time they ever came to me in a living shell…

After I was told the news, I felt my great grandmas soul come to me, and all I felt was this warmth and peacefullness I can’t describe but I was extremely happy when I woke up. I knew she was going to be all right.

Now on to churches… I used to be methodist, but after telling them about what I would see, they would say it was the devil’s work. And growing up in a skeptic’s house… that was hard– no one believed me when I saw what I saw, although my twin and mom are more believing of me now then ever before.

I have had many awake and sleeping premonitions from my guides of people around me and when they were going to die. I asked for it from my guides as a comfirmation that they were real. So they ‘fought’ with me from 2008-2011.

I finally believe them, and since then, most of my premonitions do not revolve around death. But random little things in life.

I still have not found a church to go to because I am still afraid to be ‘shunned’ as an outcast as I have been all my life.

If you would like to know more about it tell me. I would love to talk more about this subject!