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What Was That Thing In My Room?

I have had a dream, well I’m not sure if it was a dream or not.

I was lying on my bed and I felt something that was sitting on my bed behind me and I felt a hand touch my back and then touched my head.It felt so hot where it touched me. I was so scared because I couldn’t move.

I think I woke up and I could move again but I was still hot where whatever it was touched me. Then I turned over and saw a tall dark shadow like figure and it stayed there until I fell asleep again.

It has happened lots of times now.

Does anyone know what this is?

Asked by Caitlin

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Hi Caitlin

I sometimes see outer-circle guides, such as family members or visiting angels as a ‘shadow-like figure’ so, just because it wasn’t radiating brilliant white light and didn’t have wings, does not necessarily make it a negative or evil spirit.

Did it hurt or burn where you were touched or was it a comforting feeling? Did marks appear?

How do you feel now about the visitations? I know you were frozen with fear (or, shock) the first time, but what about now?

If a spirit of the light makes you feel uncomfortable, ask them to leave and they will. They do not want to alarm you or make you feel uncomfortable – quite the opposite in fact.

There is, of course, another theory – that is, it being something alien, rather than of spirit. To truly answer that, you need to know why it is there and what it wants.

Has it done anything else, other than what you’ve described?


Good answer AJ.

Hello Caitlin,

My turn .. to start with – more questions so that we can get some understanding of what you are experiencing.

What do you dream about after each visit?
Are the visits on the same night of the week, at the same time of night? (Do you notice the time when you wake?)
Do you roll over each time and see the same figure?
Where on your back does it touch – shoulder, over your heart, lower middle, hip, somewhere else? Is it the same spot each visit?
How is your health? Are you energised after each visit, or exhausted, or just feel normal?
How long does the burning sensation last?

As AJ says, a dark figure is not necessarily evil. Guides and angels don’t usually touch people without a very good reason.

Have you ever rolled over the minute you are touched to see if the entity is actually leaning down to touch you?

We look forward to your answers …

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Ama Nazra- It touches me on my shoulder and on my head and I always feel that something is sitting on my bed like I can feel like something just sat on it. I don’t always see the dark figure but I can see movement in the room and the feeling that someone is watching me. After this happens I feel really tired but it takes me long to go to sleep because I still feel someone is watching me, so I am exhausted and I have exams this week at school which doesn’t help me study.

It usually happens when my sister stays over at my grans or a friends house(I share a room with her)when I am alone in my room at night when I am trying to sleep.

I never turned to see what it was because I couldn’t move when I tried but I don’t think I was dreaming because I listen to music before I go to sleep and I could still hear the music playing when this happens. When it touches me it doesn’t hurt or burn but I feel hot where it touches me and it doesn’t really last very long but I feel very scared and not a very comforting feeling.

I’m sorry I remember having dreams but I can’t remember what they are about or what happens.

I hope this can help you understand what this is.

Hello again, Caitlin,

No, I am still not sure what it is but I probably have a solution for you.

Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage. You will find a link to the Michael Invocation. I want you to go to that webpage, read it and then say the Invocation out loud, and mean what you say. That should clear any negative entity from around. It’s worked well for 1000’s of people over the past 16 years, all over the world. Then, if the entity is still around, which is unlikely, tell it to ‘back off and leave me alone’. You can do that, and it will obey. Get tough. Be polite, but don’t fiddle about.

Then its up to you to calm yourself down and get a few good night’s sleep before your exams. Good luck with them.

Love & Peace

Also Caitlyn, you might want to wrap a white light shield around you before bed. Ama has a link to one on the same website that she mentioned. The Invocation works extremely well and I have been using it for other various astral nuisances that have been bothering me and my daughter. the white light shield would be good to do before you go to sleep because it seems to bother you when you sleep. With the Invocation, your Guardian Angel is “FINDING” and “TAKING” the entity and returning it to where it belongs. Saying the Invocation out loud and meaning it is very important because it’s almost as if your energy “charges’ the invocation. I’ve done it in my mind and said it out loud and have seen the difference.
It sound to me, that whatever the entity is that is walking on your bed and touching you is draining your energy. That is what many of the astral entities and lost souls do. Anything/anyone that has crossed over or is of God/ The Light/ Source will not drain your energy. (Crossed over means , returned to God/Heaven for healing)

I have experienced something almost similar to what you described. I had a long busy and stressful day and when I went to bed that night, I had trouble sleeping. When I finally got to sleep, I felt something walk across the foot of my bed and incidentally growl in my right ear. I struggled to wake up, as if having the feeling of being paralyzed. When I finally woke up, whatever it was, was gone and I promptly performed the Micheal Invocation and haven’t been bothered since. Another time, I was in the sleep paralysis state and saw a talk black shadow figure standing in my bedroom doorway. I tried to reach for my touch lamp but I couldn’t. I kept trying to say “Help me!” but nothing would come out. When I finally did get the words out, I was able to turn on my lamp and the entity was gone. The angels helped me then, too!

The Angels do their job well and are around us all the time ready to help us; all we have to do is ask! 😉