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Has Anyone Used A Spirit Box?

Spirit Boxes

Has anyone ever used one of these? I was thinking about buying my husband one for Christmas, but I wanted to get a little input before I did. Thanks for all the help I get!

Asked by Bridget

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That’s an unusal Christmas present, Bridget!!

I haven’t used one and, tbh, I ‘hear’ spirit anyway, so …..

But, I am always a little skeptical of gadgets like these … short wave radio frequencies are prone to ‘bleeding’ from other gadgets using a similar MHz in close proximity to the one being used.

In the UK, the only free band width available from 2013 is channel 70 (863-865MHz) which isn’t a lot of free frequency space. This increases the risk of interference that is not of the ghostly kind but which could be constude as contact with the dead.

Still, for novelty value, its a great pressy. So, go for it. Just don’t take it too seriously!


Hi Bridget,

If your husband has an Iphone you can download an application from Spudpickles called ‘Ghost Radar Classic’ (I have that), or the more modern version, for very little money, and it works better than a Spirit Box, and he can take it with him everywhere. I speak from experience. It does the same thing the spirit box does, and the classic has this fun radar that shows you were the ghost is.

Being an incredible sceptic, I have tested this application in many haunted houses and had it proved to me to actually work. My own son in spirit came through in one house, and the ‘location’ radar we proved with thermometers in another house.

Another toy I like is the KII .. which is a EMF reader we have used to have conversations with ghosts (the yes/no question type of response).

Have fun, stay safe and remember your shields,
Love & Peace

Thanks for the comments.

Ama, other than seeing these on television, I’m new at this. What sort of shields do I need?

Hello Bridget, or I think its you .. you’ve come through as Anonymous ..

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you’ve find a link to ‘white light shields’ .. they work well. AJ probably has another she uses as well? They are designed to keep ghosts from attaching to your energy and following you home. The shield also stops them from draining your energy dry during the visit. Investigations should be fun, not make you ill.

Love & Peace

Yes I do, Ama – I call them ‘bubbles’ but construct them from the inside, outwards, rather than the ‘egg’ version. Its personal taste as to which shield works best for the individual but it’s still an energy shield nevertheless.