Demon Because Of Evil Family?

Last night I went bed at 1:30 am  wokeup 4:30 am to use the bathroom when I sat up in bed I saw a light was on in never left a light on I was watching TV all night I wouldn’t seen it. The bathroom light was on so having just wokeup I got up and went to pee thinking my bf was in their when I left out the bathroom I saw no light in the living room meaning daytime since he gets here at 8am that’s when I saw the clock and freaked out becauseWho turned the light on?

I also had a night mare and so I tried to stay up but I was so tired so I turned the bedroom light on and went to sleep when I wokeup just now to brush my teeth I had 3 big red scratches going across my breast I’m scared also because I have heard my name being whispered at night before across from me in front of the bed.

My mom and grandma died last year and my mom always call my grandma the demon lady she was very mean person and my mom said she saw her metamorphisis  into a man in front of her as a kid. Well when she passed in the house last year I’d be getting dressed and her a man whispering perverted comment at me I also say a demon come into the house from outside and walk up the step into the rest of the house while I was watching TV in one room. The reason I believe it walked in is because earlier that day my family put my grandma’s chair outside.

Also 1 cousin began doing drugs and being violent and went to jail for a night for yelling at his mom over taking the trash out and telling our uncle he would kill him. And my aunts bf also began drinking heavily arguing with her and smoking weed and watching hell boy movie almost every night in my grandma’s bed that she died in and sleeping her room instead of with my aunt.

My grandma was very verbal always make death threats to me that I’ll kill ya and I hope you get killed was the last thing she told me before she died. And my mom always said she sneaks out at night when everyone is asleep and goes o do drugs I know the things my mom says sound crazy but my grandma did close her door at night and turn all the lights off and on 2 occasions neighborhood drug addicts did knock on our windows before and just repeated my aunts name over and over. My mom said a lady she knew who did drugs told her as youth that her mom was doing drugs with her then transformed into the man that my mom remembered as a kid.

Also the 3 red scratches across my breast look exactly like the scratches I’d get on my arms when I was younger around 14-19 from my grandma assaulting me and grabbing my arms and scratching me she had very long fingernails! And I once call police because I had big red scratches going down my arm from her and a few times in the house I’ve seen those scratches on my chest or thigh when I’ve wokeup.

Also my family is very negative and I’ve read about entities need that tod feed and even my mom’s ex told me my family feeds on negativity he said my mom told him everything and he thought she was crazy but after 2 years dating her story never changed it hasn’t since she had told me these inks for 10 years and I thought she’s just crazy. Until they started happening to me. But she too had issues because I’ve spent a night at her apartment and we shared bed because my sister wouldn’t let me sleep in her room and when I wokeup my mom was sitting over me staring at me and when she saw I’m awake she didn’t stop or speak until I got up and moved to the floor she told me I look like my ugly dad.

Please help I believe I have evil family and that’s why my life’s not been good and why I’ve done a lot of sins and used to think as a middle schooler that I want be goth and worship evil.

Asked by Akaisha

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Hi Akaisha,

I believe I have answered this question before – I remember the comment about your grandmother transforming into a man.

I am very sorry that you lost two important family members in one year, even if they were a challenge. It is very life-changing when that happens.

There are entities out there scratching people. They don’t appear to be demons, just have a stronger presence in the world, when they should, instead, have passed into heaven and let go of all the negative emotions that we hold when we are living. It gives them the power to continue to hurt others, in one form or another.

I would suggest that you do two things. The first is scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to White Light Shields, learn them and use them to protect yourself from anything paranormal touching you in your sleep. The second is to use the Michael Invocation to clear your energy, and then do the same for your home, so that both those ghosts can be passed into a place of healing, which they truly need, so that you can go on with your life in a much happier and more productive way.

We don’t find answers to dark entities by worshiping a darker entity. We only find it in the Light, which is where the Michael angels dwell, and help us all.

Love & Peace