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Is There A Bad Spirit Trying To Get To Me Through My Phone?

I’ve asked this question about twelve hours ago,but forgot to add important details. I’ll start off by saying this incident occurred two days ago. I was in my living room around 3:00pm playing Minecraft on my iPhone. After about thirty minutes of playing the mobile game, my in-game charecter encountered a “thing” that had a completely black face, red eyes, a pointy nose and needle-like white teeth. I’ve played the game many times before and had never seen this “thing”.

I told my older sister, who was the only other one in the house. My sister thought it was strange but shrugged it off. I didn’t think anything of it until that night around 10:00ish. I turned off my lights and got into bed. My room is right above our garage, so it’s temperature is normally 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but that night it was below freezing.

I got out of bed about an hour later because I was freezing and walked downstairs to check the heating system. To my knowledge, the heating system was perfectly fine. I added a few degrees and decided to walk back upstairs. As I approached my bedroom, I saw something sitting at the foot of my bed. At first, I thought it was my older sister because we sometimes talk to each other certain days of the night. I realized I was wrong because the “thing” I saw in my game earlier turned to look at me. It’s long black neck turned 360 degrees and when it saw me, it “smiled”.

That was last night and I’m scared out of my mind. What does this creature want from me and what is it? Please help me, I’m open to any answers.

Asked by Dylan

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Hi Dylan,

Did it come back? Have you checked the Minecraft site for any new monsters? My daughter and her friends created a world, so I know they do add things from time to time. Was it possible you dreamed you went downstairs to change the temperature, or astral travelled there? We have a wider awareness in that state of being.

Yes, those entities will smile when they look at us, because of the creepiness involved. What you don’t say is what happened next? Did it vanish? Did you get back into bed and go to sleep? Did you go back into the house and stay awake for ages?

Always with the questions, I am ..
Love & Peace