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Spirit Guides Or Something Else Trying To Communicate?

Hello ama, hope you are well, i’d firstly like to say your helping a great deal of people and it is wonderful what you do for others so thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of me and my daughter! I have used both your methods today and I feel a great warmth over me, also like im being hugged.

I hope I dont miss anything out or waste your time on things that may well not be paranormal, but some things I have experienced and experience are almost certainly paranormal, I hope what I say relates to you or at least one person. To name the things I havent mentioned before the first message I sent (a couple months ago. When I told you about the orbs I seen (2 which joined together) my phone done something very weird around that time, I cant remember the second one but the first thing it done was load a completely random page on yahoo questions that said what is the best way to die which was posted less than a minute before, I did not write it, it literally came from nowhere, the second one was awful too but not as bad as that one! Iv also never been able to forget the feeling of being hit in the face whilst in my kitchen, it didnt hurt as such it felt like a strong static shock, and to present I now feel that same static feeling but much more lighter everyday, random times, it feels like a light touch, but I can almost feel where it starts to where it stops, I often feel it on my feet, also my head, forehead, and hands. If I hold my hand up when I feel it I feel it on my hand too, but also a slight cold air, this brings me to theĀ  next thing, the feeling of a draft from nowhere, I get that alot, to feel touched and tickled by something as well as the air to go with it un nerves me slightly. About a month ago I sore a black shadow figure (silhouette) race into my 1 year olds room, I havent seen it since but the one thing that I do find highly annoying is I hear tapping noises wherever I go, it can be anything that makes the distinct noise and its either 1 or 2 at a time, I can feel when im going to hear it and my electric devices make huge cracking noises when they havent been switched on for hours, I hear a ringing noise in my radio still after pulling it out the socket, the taps are getting more and more at first it was only electrical appliances but now it can be windows, tables, bottles, the floor (really loud) I also see dots of colour, and if I focus I can find the part in my room where the atmosphere sort of looks like its sparkling, I can see it moving around also, theres way more things than this but these are what I would like a second opinion on. I feel that iv gradually had these for 3 years now, and if im not completely delusional then with the amount it happens, maybe I need to help them, I feel electric energy through my fingers sometimes, I cant explain it other than it feels amazing! If these are paranormal, what do you suggest I do? Do I train myself to be able to communicate because if im not now then im very close to it.

Really sorry for how long this is, and possibly far fetched, I can only describe as best I can.


P.s the touchy feeling is affecting me slightly as I find it hard to sleep or relax. Im still very much positive but with this and bringing up my daughter on my own im tired through the day and awake most the night. You dont have to reply I know you will be busy on this site only if you can.

Asked by Tamsin

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Hello Tamsin,

Thank you for the compliment.

Phones do do random things at times, though ghosts can influence them too. Spirits and Spirit Guides only do very positive actions, and minimalist ones .. they know they are not allowed to interfere in our free will, so posting junk to your phone would not be their actions.

I know the strong static shock. I got that the time the ‘something’ came out of the wardrobe (after opening the doors itself) and went by me and half through me. Nasty energy. I didn’t clear the house at the time, because a group of us were ghost hunting, and mostly its fun, but that’s what I recommend that you do – clear your home or any other building you feel that energy in. Whomever (ghost) is playing with your energy, hitting you in the face, and being ‘ever present’, is not healthy for you and your family. Spirits come and go, they never stay long. Ghosts hang around too much, disrupt all sorts of energy, mostly the livings .. and can affect your health, both mind and body. They can also leave you hypersensitive and frizzy .. makes it hard to sleep. The last full moon (the other day (April 2016) I tingled and twitched all night. I should have taken my own advice and used house shields. LOL

There’s a difference between sharp static type energy and the tingles we get in our hands and feet when sensing energy. When I am working with leylines (earth energy lines) my hands tingle softly, or strongly, depending on the strength of the energy I am sensing. It’s developed over time and is a very useful tool. I trained myself because there was no one around who could do what I do, but if you can find a teacher to help you, I do recommend it – for a number of reasons. Group work is more fun, just to start with .. and having someone to discuss what you are experiencing, in person, is very reassuring.

So .. please scroll to the bottom of this webpage and use the Michael Invocation to clear your home. You’ll probably have to do this regularly, so print a copy and get to know it .. and then go to the page with White Light Shields and use them as well. That should allow you to sense energy without getting hit by it .. much more sensible and your abilities grow. And see if you can find a Spiritualist Church or a new age Centre that has a teaching Circle .. go and check it out. If you feel good about the teacher, or teachers, join .. otherwise search until you find one you like. It’s worth the effort .. and its nice to have like-minded friends to share your journey with.

Otherwise, I am always happy to answer questions.

As to this one .. its not spirit guides, probably just an annoying ghost. The Michael Invocation will send it into healing .. where it will learn some manners.

Love & Peace

Thankyou ever so much, i know in this past year since having my daughter im spiritually awakening, the concept of it still amazes me but the expereinces are too much at times for me, im actually going to a spiritualist church tonight but i have to ask a really important question now, is spiritualism condemned in the bible? I have been told it is and i cant live with knowing iv banished myself from heaven or will anger whoever or whatever follows me, i truelly need help with this and ill seek it but i need to know im not making it worse?

Hi Tamsin,

Let me ask you some questions –

Did God create you?
Did Jesus teach us that God loves us as long as we follow Him?
Do you believe in the Spiritual Gift written about in the Bible?
(Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11; and 1 Corinthians 12:28)
Is God everywhere, and in every person?

I am a Christian Theologian, which basically means that I study the Christian Bible, not just from a ‘faith’ point of view, but also from a ‘fact’ point of view. My spiritual gifts include ‘discerning spirits’, which often means talking to them and helping them cross into heaven. Some people condemn me because they do not believe in the gifts even though they are in the bible!

I have visited many Spiritualist churches over many years. While the language they use (still English) is different, the words still mean the same thing. God is still God, though he’s acknowledged often just as Spirit, rather than the Holy Spirit. He is called ‘mother, father, God’, or God and Goddess in some churches. The angels are mentioned, as are wise men and women from other cultures (sometimes called Ascended Masters). If you went to a Christian Church in Germany God would still be God, they would just be talking to him, and about him, in a language you don’t understand at first.

God does not condemn us when are hearts are focused on loving him .. only the living do that, when we don’t do what they want us to do.

Enjoy the church, but more, look at the people in it. If they are happy and open-hearted (friendly), if you are made welcome, you will know God is there too .. and you won’t banished from anywhere, except, perhaps, by the living.

As to angering what is following you .. do you still feel haunted? If so, do the Michael Invocation again, for yourself and your home. Then the only things that will be following you will be angels .. we all have them in abundance. They are a gift from God.

Love & Peace

Hi again, yes the answer is yes to all, in a state of confusion about all this i invited somebody to the spiritualist church with me and another person seen this and told me it was the worst place to go and that it is condemned, those are the type of people iv learnt are always going to be right and you be wrong because they follow the bible in a very tunnel vision way, god loves us all even those that sin aslong as you follow him i should of listened to my own heart instead of worrying about this. I did try to go to the church, i was so exited i set off with my daughter an hour early to be there on time, but i guess it was not meant to happen this time, they have moved to the other side of the city and i went to the old venue, i would of been very late if i managed to get there even with setting off early so the next one is in two weeks. I have however spoke to the priest and we have arranged a chat, he told me from what i have said we need to take this very seriously, as you may imagine im terrified, i am doing the white light shields and the michael invocation daily, also praying and have people all over the globe praying thanks to a family friend in america, i have to take it seriously as i feel its affecting my daughter aswell, the night i spoke to the priest i could see two spirits hovering above me and i felt they were negative, also the cold air and tingles and feeling of being touched, i used both shields and the michael invocation and tried with all my might to be firm with the words i spoke, as soon as i felt myself nodding off my daughter started screaming with all her lung capacity, so i brought her in my bed but all night there was noises around the house, cracks and thuds, im also getting dreams of people and pictures iv never met, also name cards, i searched for a name in my dream and it showed a gentleman had passed days earlier! Can you tell me from what is happening to me? Am i just sensitve to this and over acting a little? I really dont feel iv looked for this its been since i had my daughter, i will say last night was the best nights sleep i have had in months, no cracks no thuds and no bad feeling, it was so peaceful. I will still sheild everyday, and get my priest to bless the house, i will also join the spiritualist church, i can only thank you and everyone that has given me advice, i cant tell you how much of a comfort it is. I think my angels are the dots of colour im seeing if im right? Seems to be hidden messages every time i see them so also a comfort knowing they are always here.

Thanks ama and god bless you,

Hi Tamsin,

See how things are after the priest blesses the house, but don’t tell him you are going to the spiritual church, or he might refuse to do it. There are some wonderful priests, with open minds, out there, but many don’t.

It sounds to me that you are a medium, so training will help you learn to control your energy. In the meantime, keep in touch. You’ll find a link to my webpages at the bottom of this site under ‘Friends’ and you can email me from there.

Love & Peace

Hi Tamsin,

I see sparks of light flying through the air, even hitting the walls and making noise when it hits the walls, very often, sometimes daily. They are fairies and nothing to be afraid of. I am assuming the dots of colors you see might be fairies as well. I have seen the fairies as many colors, flashes of lights, sometimes illuminating the whole room, and sometimes simply a tiny spark of golden color flying through the air.