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My Military Station Is Haunted

I am a member of the US Coast Guard currently assigned to a small boat rescue station. Since I have been here Ive noticed things here and there but nothing too crazy until about 3 months ago.

Me and a shipmate both witnessed a dark figure standing in an empty office one night thru the window. we walked in the office and the only thing out of the ordinary was the smell of burning pipe tobacco. Then about a month later I saw someone walk out of our room. I followed them out into the hall way where I could hear foot steps and again smell pipe tobacco. smoking inside is not allowed and no one here smokes a pipe. I decided to step out for a smoke and again I could see someone, much more defined this time standing on the back deck smoking a pipe. I stepped out the door, lit a smoke and asked “mind if I join you?” the figure disappeared and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of warmth, almost safety.

I think whatever or whoever this is is not here to hurt anyone. others have witnessed this same thing and another spirit who apparently choked out a guy and held him paralyzed in bed for several minutes leaving marks on his neck. I don’t think these are the same spirit.

I’ve looked up station records and no one stationed here has died here since the place was built. we have lost civilian mariners at sea near here though. just FYI this is a very small base. less than 35 people stationed here and on the nights these things happened only 7 people were here at the station.

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Hi Michael,

They don’t sound like the same entity to me either. Your smoking friend is a spirit, the choking one is a ghost, and needs crossing into heaven, where he’ll learn to keep his hands to himself.

Ghosts can travel now, so they don’t have to have died where they decide to take up residence. What they are searching for is lots of emotions, mostly negative. In a space with lots of people you get those emotions.

The spirit, however, is probably just someone who enjoys being at the base, regardless of where he died. He probably served there, or lived somewhere near there, and perhaps was in the Armed Forces, so being there reminds him of happy times.

What I would suggest you do, regardless of your belief system, is to use the Michael Invocation (bottom of this webpage) to clear the ghost from the base. It won’t affect the smoking man, if he is a spirit, because it only clears negative beings .. then no one will have to worry about waking up being choked by something they can’t really see.

Love & Peace

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