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Is Our House Really Haunted?

Are we crazy or is it possible that there is something paranormal here?

We moved into our house 2.5 years ago; we bought it brand new but it was already built so we were not part of the design/color/etc. Our house was just a house to us until May 2012. Our first child was born in November of last year.

Starting in May strange things began to happen. On that night in May, we had a guest over and the three of us took pictures outside at night. When we were comparing pictures inside I noticed orbs in the pictures and made a comment when suddenly all of our lights went out. It was only our house; our breaker had suddenly popped. A month later or so I awoke one night to find a pale older woman with grey or blonde hair wearing a floral pattern dress at the foot of our bed watching my husband. I ignored it and told myself it was in my head. But so much began happening that we could no longer just ignore it.

Doors would suddenly open and close with no apparent explanation- the AC had not just turned on or off. The lights would turn off & on. My husband and I have both witnessed a tall man walking through our house many times. He walks from the back bedroom to our bedroom and from our laundry room to our bedroom. Only on two occasions has this really scared us. One time as I was walking by, a mirror that had been leaning against the wall suddenly flew forward as if thrown and shattered on the ground. Objects from the table will fall on to the ground as if thrown with no one around. We have heard screams and voices, as well as hints of smells with no explanation. The TV would suddenly change channels or the volume would increase or decrease all the way or turn on or off without anyone around. We also feel watched many times, as if there is someone else in the room.

Sometime at the end of summer, we went to a flea market and bought an antique grandmother clock. As we were loading it into the truck, the seller confessed to us that the chiming part of it didn’t actually work, and she would refund us because she knew we were excited about it. We decided to keep it anyway and brought it home. When we got home, we polished it off and put new batteries in it. Suddenly it began to chime and we were excited. But it was too strange for us and would chime at odd times. It never chimed at the hour, half hour, or quarter hour. It was very random with the times that it would chime. If a door suddenly opened for no apparent reason – chime. The breaker suddenly popped for no reason – chime. Lightning struck – chime. The phone rang – chime. We ended up taking the batteries out of it after a month because it was freaking us out.

We started realizing that it may not just be in our head when we both would see the same things happening, and we started to be extra conscious of things such as turning on the lights, making sure the doors are closed, locking doors, etc. One afternoon a group of neighborhood children came to our door to sell us raffle tickets. Our husband answered and I was rocking the baby. As my husband was filling out the information onto the raffle tickets, one of the little girls asked him who the man was who just walked behind him. When my husband explained that there was no other man in the house, the little girls started telling us about how everyone knows our house is haunted; they told us that they have seen strange lights appear/disappear or the curtains would open with no one there.

We took the advice of friends and decided to cleanse our home with sage. We went around the house and came to the living room last. As we walked around the room, the tv (which was on) suddenly became static-y, and the volume turned all the way up, then all the way down. When my husband walked away from it, the tv went back to normal. It didn’t stop any of these things from happening.

We have been more conscious of making sure our doors are closed and locked. We make sure the lights are on or off. It has become very apparent to us that something else is going on. Two nights ago as the final straw for me I suppose. We went to bed, closed, and locked the door. We even double checked. The three of us sleep in the room together. Our cat was sleeping with us that night. I felt a presence in the room and it woke me up but no one was there so I went back to sleep. I felt it again and sat up in bed to find the door suddenly wide open. I woke my husband up and we checked the house to make sure no one was there. The AC wasn’t on and had not just shut off. As we were going back to bed, we locked the door again and heard movement outside the door. Again, no one was there.

I’m not really sure what to make of all this. Are we crazy? Is our house really haunted? Is there any harm in leaving the spirits alone?

Asked by Sara

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Hi Sara

No, you are not crazy. There have been many reportings of new builds being haunted, or suffering from multiple haunting.

Do you know what was on the land before it was built on? Was there a house? Woodland? Was it public land, or private?

Finding out the history of the land where your property now sits, is a good place to start. If it was used as some kind of communial gathering, that might give a clue as to exactly what you’re dealing with.


Hello Sarah,

It’s not you, its a ghost, or two, by the sound of things.

I like what AJ suggested. It’s good to find the history of the land, see what else was built on it before your home was .. or it could just be a couple of wandering ghosts that took a liking to you and your family and decided to stay. Ghosts need energy to maintain their existence, and they take it from us .. so we have to know they are around for that reason, and also because ghosts have been alive they want to continue to seem that way, so they make their presence felt in lots of different ways.

You can obviously see them, can your husband? I was thinking of the television static thing .. if he can’t see and acknowledge them, which we do unconsciously when they appear, then he’d react to the sound increasing in satisfyingly startled ways. The ‘startled’ reaction is a quick energy feed for a ghost, as is fear. In most cases I don’t think ghosts intend to do this (scare people) but it does make them feel better, if they don’t realise they are feeding from our energy. And then, of course, there are the ghosts that have been lost a long time, they work out how to take care of themselves and then deliberately choose to scare folk.

In the meantime, sage is good for clearing negative energy, but I don’t find it good for clearing ghosts.

Do you go to church? You could ask the minister of one of your local churches to come and bless your house. They might ask you to join the congregation, or they might just help anyway. It depends on the minister.

At the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation. Go and read the page, and you can use the Invocation to clear your home. You change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments to my ‘home’ (not house). That should clear the ghosts out and settle things down again.

Hauntings happen. They don’t always have a rhyme or reason now that ghosts can wander where they will. Sometimes the ghost simply likes a place, or they think that the person they have found is one of their relatives (mistaken identity), or they do have some connection to the land. It’s not good to live in a haunted house, because of the ghosts need for energy, and because they are negative beings who are trapped by their own fears .. the fears they will often try and ‘explain’, or share, with the person they are haunting. In heaven they find the healing they need .. so crossing them over really is the best thing to do.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in heaven, God or the angels, the Invocation works.

Wishing you a peaceful day,
Love & Peace

As they have said a house does not have to be old to have guests. These people may not have lived there in the past but could have lived a short distance away. You might ask them to give you a name and then go to your library, historical society, assessor a office and see if this name appears near you.