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Is My Family Cursed?

Before I was born, my grandpa got sick and died of cancer. My grandma went through a really strange time as he was dying and still is today.

She met a psychic in the woods who knew everything about the situation with my grandpa without my grandma even saying anything. The psychic told my grandma that her and her friends could come to my grandpa and “help him to the other side.”

My grandma said that they could and my uncle, who was there, was telling me about how in the basement of my grandmas house, where my grandpa was dying, the women were burning sage and doing rituals. He had just gotten his wisdom teeth removed so his head was hurting, he said that when one of the women put their hands on his head, the pain was gone. They continued to do rituals throughout the house and my grandma, who is very christian, started to realize that this was ungodly. (I’m just saying that this is her opinion. I dont want to offend anyone.)

A few weeks later my grandma saw the psychic in the woods again and started talking about god, and as my grandma walked away she said “and may god bless you.” my grandpa died early 2001. In the past 15 years my grandma lost 800,000 due to stock issues, my parents got divorced and my mom has had a lot of addiction problems causing endless battles in court (my grandma/moms side losing), my uncle kind of went insane and has been to jail multiple times, my uncle saw black cats running in a circle, my grandma has had stage 3/4 cancer 4 times now and it keeps coming back, I had dreams about witches and voodoo when I was younger and horrible sleeping problems, and our entire family is kind of a huge mess. Nothing like this has happened on my dads side, especially not to this extent. There was also a rotten smell coming from the walls of her house after the witches left.

I’ve always been really interested in the paranormal, so I took my EMF into my grandmas house and it went nuts. It goes completely crazy in every room of my grandmas house and its really confusing because it doesnt do that anywhere else. my friend and I like to spend the night in her basement, where my grandpas death bed was, along with the witches, and each week the lights flicker more and more, sometimes turning completely off but only in that room.

I dont know if this is just coincidence, but I feel like constant bad things are happening with my family. are we cursed and if so, what should I do?

Asked by Emma

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Hi Emma,

Which group within Christianity does your grandmother follow? What was the religion of the psychics.

Psychics saying prayers for the safe and comfortable passing of someone is not unusual. We do it all over the net via facebook. Smudging a house removes negativity .. a good thing to do.

Why did your grandmother go back to visit the psychic person the second time, if she was worried it was all ungodly? Without knowing the conversation your grandmother had with the psychic on the second visit, your grandmother blessing someone as she leaves is lovely. No reason to lay a curse there, even if the psychic didn’t follow the same religion. If they did have an argument, it must have been pretty fierce for someone to curse her. What does she say about what happened?

A psychic healer taking away pain .. I removed a migraine from an 8 year old, when I was 8 years old, and we were both at school. It’s a gift to be treasured.

While every problem you described is heartbreaking, they can happen anyway, not because someone cursed someone. Perhaps your parents marriage broke up because of your mother’s drug problems, or she turned to drugs because of the marriage breaking up. We all make unwise decisions at times, and drugs trap people, just as negative emotions can.

Black cats running in a circle could just be them playing games. I’ve had many cats over the years, and they do do crazy things at times. There is nothing auspicious or dangerous about that behaviour.

Your uncle might well have developed a mental illness which has ended up getting him locked up .. again, this probably has nothing to do with a curse.

Cancer is insidious, and it will keep coming back to some people. I am very sorry your grandmother has suffered this way, but its obvious she is very strong. As to losing money, the world financial situation is making everyone do that, unless they are very clever, and sometimes, when a person is not well, they might not make the clever decisions. You don’t need a paranormal reason for that.

And then you tossed in the comment about rotten smell. How long after the psychics visited did the smell arrive? Has it gone? Was it investigated and did someone find the source and fix it?

Do you watch tv .. programs about witches and voodoo? Is it part of your culture? Have you heard people talking about it as you were growing up? How long ago were the dreams and do you remember the clearly .. sometimes images in our dreams are not actually what we think they are, but symbolism something we are worried about.

Did you take the EMF reader outside and walk all around your grandmother’s house? You could be near electrical power lines, or some other source. If the house is old, the lights flickering could be faulty wiring or faulty light bulbs. Have you tested that by changing the bulbs?

And having said all that .. what you can do to remove a curse from your family and any negative entities in your home, is to scroll to the bottom of this webpage, follow the link through to the Michael Invocation .. and ask your grandmother, or oldest female in the family, to say it and mean it. The instructions are on the webpage. Use it to clear your home, your grandmother’s home, and anywhere else you think its needed .. and then get the elder to say it to clear everyone in the family.

The reality is, bad, sad and difficult things happen to people and families .. generally without a paranormal reason, but it doesn’t hurt to clear your energy from time to time.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama, thank you so much for your reply. It cleared a lot of things up for me. My uncle did say that the psychics worshiped a Goddess of agriculture from the book of Ephesians, she was called Diana or Artemis. Also, my grandma is a baptist im pretty sure. As for the rotten smell, my grandma called a priest and he put holy water on the walls and it went away. We did take my EMF to my friends house, she lives right next to my grandma, and nothing happened. Ill try taking it outside next time i go over there. I also am not sure if the psychic and my grandma argued, but my grandma did say that she seemed pretty irritated so i dont know. I dont know its just that, after my uncle told me all of this, i looked up symptoms of a curse and my family seemed to have every one. You’re reply did clear a lot of things up for me though and i really appreciate it. Thank you. (also i think its really cool that youre a psychic. Ive always been really interested in the spiritual world and to be honest im kind of jealous hahaha)

Hello again, Emma.

Everyone is psychic to varying degrees. That is a fancy name for one of the many gifts we have to protect ourselves, that we have inherited from our ancestors through the centuries. Some people can do unusual things, but you can also think of it like your own personal EMF, it makes you aware of the different energies in the world, and having a good gut instinct (intuition) can be one of the benefits.

A person doesn’t need to have any special gifts to cast a curse on someone else, and it is a very stupid thing to do, because eventually something just as awful would happen to them, in a way of balancing the energy, called karma.

I agree the sum of the things that have happened to your family over the years might look suspicious, but I am sure your grandmother had herself and her family blessed by the priest, when he blessed the house .. that’s what they do .. so there’s another reason for thinking that there’s no curse, just simply a lot of challenging events for some of you to deal with.

I have to wonder why your grandmother invited in worshipers of Artemis as she is said to be the Goddess of the hunt (like Diana), the moon, virginity and childbirth – but when someone is desperate for a miracle they will go against their own beliefs to try and save someone they love. I wonder if your grandmother believed in Artemis before she became a Baptist.

EMF’s can also be caused by microwaves, modems, cordless phones, and a variety of other machines. I was just playing with my KII, which is a fancy EMF reader checking things out.

Thank you for writing to me, and have a lovely day,
Love & Peace

I agree with the Lady Ama about that every one can tap into their psychic side but most are afraid and turns a blind eye to it there for not turning any thing on.

As for a curse no one can place a curse on you if you do not beleive so if you do then you are feeding the negitive energy with in the fam not saying you yourself are but the family itself is. Every one has bad things happening in a family some that would make your toes curl.

Also a person who is a witch or claims to be a witch and does evil is not a witch because they only help people use herbs and things of the such they worship the mother earth and use her powers to help other so these women were not witches.

Do every thing that Lady Ama said and do not believe in things like that because if you do not then they can hold no power over you at all but if you do then it can destory your world because every thing that happens you will be thinking about it. Also it is hard to think that some thing like that can go on for 15 years I think it is just the way of life that has hit your family not in a good way and I am so sorry for every thing that is going on but it will get better just do not let it drag you down and ruin your life because you are very young and you have the whole world ahead of you.

Ps it is not uncommon for others to take pain away so there is nothing strange there to me.

Peace Out and Have a Great New Years