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Is it Possible to Sell Your Soul to the Devil?

Hello, I’m 11 years old and yesterday I was watching a video where a guy was teaching how to sell your soul to the devil. My mom told me to go to sleep and I got this weird dream.

I was sitting in the floor in my classroom and I have a classmate called Nicholas and I saw him with all the materials you need to sell your soul and I asked him “are you doing a ritual?” and he said yes I asked him “you are selling your soul?” and he said yes.

Is it really possible to sell your soul to the Devil? What did my dream mean?


One reply on “Is it Possible to Sell Your Soul to the Devil?”

No…you can’t sell your soul, Luis. Also, Luis, you probably shouldn’t be hanging around these types of websites.

Demons, ghosts, and other Mysteries of the supernatural are “sorta”made-up. They cannot be proven through science but they are indeed fun to read about. If they were indeed true, you probably be dead or possessed as legends say of their powers. Plus, do they all watch you poop or help you with your homework.