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Did I Really Talk to My Dead Parents?

Hi, my name is Jeanette. Thank you for letting me post here as I am really in need of some advice on a paranormal matter.

I recently downloaded one of those free spiritbox apps on my phone in hopes of contacting the other side and maybe even my deceased parents…

So I took this video in my kids’room last week and I’m still completely shocked! I did not know what was on the audio until I reviewed it afterwards.

The audio is a bit distorted, but if I turn up the volume I swear I could hear answers and replies to my inquiries…so I went through the video and added captions at the bottom to display on the vid what I think I am hearing.

I was hoping that some more experienced ears than my own (i.e: all of you, lol) can help me gain some insight and perspective?

**Btw, please excuse the cleanliness of my kids’ room as some days I just cant keep up with 4 kids lol**


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Hi Jeanette.
I am not a medium or anything like that but I did hear EVP’s. My parents are both deceased,I went to the cemetery with a recorder where they are buried. When I played it back I swear there are voices on it but not as clear as yours. I have downloaded free software to help me decipher them, be careful though because there are bad spirits who pretend to be the person you want to talk to.
I wont try to contact them in my home as anything could get in. Anyway, good luck hun,
Jules in the UK.

Hi Jeanette,

You got choppy words from your family mwmbers. It was definitely them. I saw thwm speak in my minds eye. Maybe see a medium who can connect you with them?