Is It Possible That Shadow People Are Made Of Antimatter?

I have a question… Been thinking.

Is there anyway possible that shadow peeps could be made of antimatter? If I didn’t read it wrong… antimatter is material composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge and quantum spin.

Antiparticles bind with each other to form antimatter in the same way that normal particles bind to form normal matter. Would that be something like… for instance… you look out your window in the day time at a field and see it as it is… you take in the surroundings and placement of this and that… and then you look out your window at night… and see it entirely different… things you never noticed in the day… you are seeing now.

What do ya think?


Asked by Lisa

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Hey Lisa,

I believe the current theory is that if you put matter and anti-matter together they explode, so I would have to say ‘no, shadow people are not anti-matter’.

Are they a sort of reflection (like in a mirror) of our reality .. maybe?

There are many theories.

Love & Peace

These shadow people, from what I’ve heard, feed off our negative energy and emotions. So as far as physics go, I would need to know how many electrons this exploding antimatter has. Is it a “shadow gas”, or a even a “shadow mineral”? We must know these things. It is easy to generalize when we have no information or understanding of what we are perceiving. Let’s say that the shadow realm is just the yang to our yin. These shadow people that show themselves to us may just be of a high order of some mystic sect that possess extremely advanced capabilities in the way one of our mystics may be able to touch one of them physically. We know that the shadow beings we see are super humanly strong, fast, and intelligent. They may just be using human energy in the way we use it ourselves. They may even be beings from the human reality with the ability to cross into antimatter or even be our own subconscious manifestations.

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