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Why A Salt Pyramid?

I had a possible client ask me and my group to investigate her house she thinks she is having a ghost do things in her house.

She claims she has found a small pyramid of salt on her kitchen floor a few times in a few months (she doesn’t even have salt in her house because of health reasons).

She has a cat that will act aggressive and cry loud to something in the house from time to time. She tells us about noises, closing of door etc.

But that salt thing has me wondering, why salt? I know how I use it with smudging but this is a new one for me… please let me know

Asked by Joe McCaffrey

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Hey Joe,

Two thoughts .. salt absorbs negativity being the first.

The other is .. had someone spilled salt on the floor before that happened? It takes fine motor skills to collect it into a pyramid. That makes me think the lady’s ghost is intelligent, and probably not harmful. It is trying to draw attention to itself, which they all do.

What is the ghost actually doing? And do you have somone in your group who can cross it into heaven?

I hope you guys protect yourself before you walk into haunted houses. I’ve seen too many groups that don’t, that end up taking ghosts, and other nastier stuff, home with them. It’s not healthy.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page .. two links. Michael Invocation, for clearing your energy, and White Light Shields .. in case you don’t have them already.

Love & Peace

Hi Joe McCaffrey

Firstly, what Ama said above! LOL!

In addition:

Does the kitchen’s energy feel like the most negative part of the house? Or the most positive?

Are there specific areas in the house where activity is most prominant? Or, is the activity generalised.

How many people live at that house? It may be that someone else placing the salt there, but not telling your client for some reason.

Or, it might be that another entity is trying to protect your client from another, more negative entity?

Finally, rock salt is often kept in the kitcken as a symbol of prosperity and hospitality, so it may well be that the spirit in question is merely trying to say “Hi!”.


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