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Is It Possible My Cat Comes Back To Visit Me?

I wanted to ask if it’s possible that my cat who passed last year who was my partner and best friend for all most 16 years could be coming back to visit me. I’m asking because I hear him meow now and then and I know it’s him because he had a distinct sound.

Also I’m pretty sure my daughter’s male cat can see him because my Max was a big spoiled cat that never went outside so when my daughter’s cat who’s an outside cat saw Max he would get very scared and run away well.

Since my Max’s passing her cats been coming into the house and he loves to come and lay on my bed but lately he’s been acting strange like he wants in my room so I’ll open the door and he starts in and all of a sudden he will freeze and be looking on my bed and turn around and run like his tails on fire.

I sure miss my baby I’d really like to know if it could be him, thanks

Asked by Nancy

One reply on “Is It Possible My Cat Comes Back To Visit Me?”

It sure sounds like your cat is still around, I am certain they do come back. My cat died a couple of years ago she always lay on my legs when I was in bed,
Anyway, a good few months later I heard her meowing, then some nights I would feel her lying on my legs!.
She does not come as much since I got two more kitties.
Animals go to heaven too!.
Jules, from the UK.