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Watcher, Entity, And Portal Discovered By Medium

A medium identified a watcher and another entity and a portal in the home.

My sister had a Psychic Medium come to her home today. There have been many things that have happened over the years but nothing too intense. The house was built in the 1960’s. The Medium said that there is a little boy who comes and goes but only plays with the doll house in the living room.

Then the hallway… there is a male that walks back and forth but wants everyone out of the way so you will hear him pacing and it feels like he is chasing you but he is just agitated and wants people out of the way but then went on to say that the y’all way is a portal or a bus stop if you will for spirits.

My nephews room; there is a watcher in there who told the Medium “I’m just a watcher and I mean no harm.” But curiosly enough he likes to watch my nephew who is very energetic and when he gets mad he will slam either the closet door (where the watcher resides) or his bedroom door and seems to feed off of the energy.

Then my niece has a little girl that does things to get her attention. She resides in the corner close to her closet and will do things like move stuff or jiggle the hangers in the closet.

Then there is a woman in a white dress who comes and goes from my sisters room who seems genuinely to check on her every now and again. I am concerned with the thought that the “watcher” is supposedly not evil and yet sort of feeds and is intrigued by the energy from my nephew.

The Psychic told my niece that the girl is “trapped” but enjoys being with her and is sort of testing her abilities. Maybe someone could help me with this and what these things are supposed to mean.

Thank you… Michele

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Hello Michelle, all locations have atleast one portal in them. You can close the portal yourself..first google how to locate a portal in your home… then google how to close a portal in your home.
Regarding the kids….one or both kids may have abilities..mediumship, which will attract visitors.

Hi Michelle,

My house is sometimes like a railway station, with ghosts coming and going to suit themselves. If they draw themselves to the attention of Tom and I we will cross them over, but sometimes they simply just walk through. Technically Tom and I are the portals, since we are gatekeepers, but sometimes a portal will open, or be opened by someone playing with something like an ouija board .. which I do not recommend, for safety’s sake.

As to Tricia advising that everywhere has portals, that’s not true, otherwise ‘everywhere’ would have problems with ghosts and other entities, and the majority of places don’t .. but they can be created by other things, such as tragic, violent or toxically emotional locations .. but since these portals are easily created, and by humans, they can generally be easily undone.

The Michael Invocation (link below) is designed to remove all negative entities from a location, or from people they might be connected to. I would suggest that your sister use it to clear her home, if the medium has not already done so. BTW, everyone is ‘psychic’ it just manifests in different people in different ways. Some are clairvoyant (which means clear seeing/visions), or clairaudient (clear hearing), but not everyone is a medium, who is a person who talks to the dead, either ghosts or spirits.

The Watchers work both in the light and in the dark. You could call them ‘recorders’ of events that happen in every household, to every person, in every location, across the world, and in the spiritual planes. They do no harm, they mean no harm, they are just present. As to it ‘feeding’ from your nephew, that automatically means it is NOT a watcher, who do not need to feed from anything. The Michael Invocation will remove it, and suggest to your sister that she say it for her son, if he’s under 13 years, and get him to say it for himself, with her, if he will, if he’s over 13. That will clear any attaching entities.

Below is also a link to White Light Shields, which are very simple and very effective, and your sister to create them for all of her family, particularly the kids, if they are natural mediums, which so many of them are these days. The instructions for everything are on their webpages.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I really appreciate everything. Even when I have fed the animals while everyone was on vacation ; it would feel as if someone/something was chasing me in the hallway but I would stand firm. I will give my sister these tools to use to create much needed balance for them and bring peace which is much needed. I also feel this needs to be done in my own home. My 16-year-old son sees something that is black with red eyes. I know he has a gift but he doesn’t believe me. When he was about 5; I came home from work and he asked me what was wrong. I told him “You know Ms. Carol who I help her with her patients? Her sister…” and I stopped talking. He picked up a piece of pottery that Ms.Carol’s sister made for him and looked at me and said “It’s ok mommy. Tell Ms. Carol that her sister does not hurt anymore.” Then he was nonchalant. Her sister had committed suicide after struggling with mental disorder and previous failed attempts. But now my concern is that the entity here shows itself in different ways. My son saw it one night walking on its hands and feet…sort of a crab walk where your belly is up? But it’s head was completely turned around to where it could watch where it was going. It has been seen in the corner of the ceiling. A man with a hat has also been seen here by many teenagers and he flung a gallon of tea off the counter. I saw him in my peripheral sitting on my sons bed. We have 5 acres of land. We had people cut down some trees to prepare it for pasture and they damaged a headstone. We didn’t even know people were hurried here. A mother and daughter are buried here from the mid 1800’s. Daughter dies first and the mother bought a portion of property from the people that owned it just to bury her. When the mother died the husband had her buried here as well but her headstone is blank.