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Is It Possible For Things To Explode Without Being Plugged In?

So I have a wax burner that plugs into the wall like a night light. The light bulb exploded, but it wasn’t plugged in and was on the table away from outlets. There’s no other bulbs small enough in my kitchen to match the wax burner. The bulb looked burned and the screw part was bent and dented in and also burned.

The wax burner has a rubber seal that was partially melted. All I heard was a pop as I was turning around, like someone popped a bag of chips near my ear. It made me flinch really hard, but nothing was there and It didn’t sound like glass breaking, and I didn’t hear glass breaking. Then I stepped on the bulb and realized.

My question is, is it possible for the bulb to explode without being plugged in to any electrical source?

Is this paranormal or demonic? Because I’ve heard of people who have had things explode or catch on fire without being turned on or ignited. Please help.

Asked by Kat

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Hi Katrina,

How long had the light been out of the socket, and was it hot when you took it out?

I doubt very much there’s anything demonic going on there, or you would have far more to comment on. A ghost might have smashed the bulb, but given its condition, I wonder if it was already overheated and just continued to disintegrate after it was removed from the wall.

Love & Peace

The wax burner and the bulb weren’t used or plugged into anything for a few days. It just sat on the kitchen table. When I picked up the bulb screw it wasn’t hot or anything. But the rubber seal for the wax burner was a little warm, and was melted. And I’m sure it wasn’t wax because it smelled like burned rubber.