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Spirit Following Me?

So around 2007 my family built a house in Traverse City, MI and the property that we built our house on was supposedly rumored to have a Native American Burial ground on it-we never really found evidence of that but we did have some strange occurrences happen there…

Like one night (this is the first night I saw it) I saw what looked like a white orb type thing, really tiny, (Also I called it a sparkle when I was younger because the orb was very tiny-almost looked like a star in the sky but in front of me and really, bright white..) outside our sliding glass door when I was about 9. It just hovered there like ‘staring’ at me kinda? It’s been following me around ever since, which I don’t mind I’m just curious as to what it is.

It usually appears when I go and live somewhere else. Like for instance we moved houses and I saw it again out the window in my bedroom of my new house, then it appeared again outside the window of my dorm at college. It usually has a white/yellow glow around it also.

I came on this form curious to see if anyone had any thoughts on it? Maybe it’s a possible spirit guide?

Asked by Isabella

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Hi Isabella,

It might be a guide, but its not much use as a sparkly light. What it could be is a fairy .. an elemental being, or nature spirit .. they can get attached to interesting humans and will follow them around.

I wouldn’t worry about it unless something else paranormal happens.

Love & Peace

Hello Isabella,

I usually see fairies like that almost every day as sparks of light. Have you ever noticed any flashes of light in a room as if the light goes up intensely for a quick moment? The fairies sometimes do that when they enter my room.

Fairies, and many other nature spirits, sometimes get curious about what humans are doing. They also sometimes “borrow” some of our items.

I have also tried asking my spirit guides and angels to appear in front of me and many times they have appeared as sparks of light almost exactly like the fairies…but the sparks felt like a spirit guide or an angel. So I agree with what Ama said, you don’t have much to worry about.

Oh interesting! Thank you for the responses Ama and Micle! And actually yes I have seen flashes of light in the room like that before which is interesting I would’ve never made the connection! Thanks again!!