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Being Shook Awake

Being Shook Awake  (and not the first issue with contact)

This was today at 7:30am. I was asleep on the couch….

backstory…since yesterday evening I started feeling itchy (or like something was crawling or when your arm hair or small hairs tickle or whatever when the wind blows) well I could not sleep and even before it was bothering me. But my bf has poison ivy so I assume it is me just being paranoid….my son (who also has had interaction (he is 8) with something before a full conversation when he was sleeping (my 15 year old heard and thought it was me I found that out the following day…) but my son came out (I fell asleep on the couch) and woke me up saying he had dreams about bones (this was about 3am) He slept on the recliner. I heard my bf leave at his normal time around 5:30 am and tried to fall back asleep.

I was sleeping on my left side facing the back of the couch and felt 2 hands on my side push my body down and shake me awake. I swore it was my bf. Maybe he came back and I did not hear. So I was pissed at him for doing that, I turned over still feeling that I was touched and shaken (not harsh just like if you were going up to someone to wake them up) it was 7:30 am…I froze for a second realizing my son was sleeping and my little one was also (my eldest is not here right now)

I seen my bf was gone and text him.

We have had so many issues with my son seeing a lady in the wall (this is what I briefly talked about) he got up to ask for water (thinking it was me too) and the lady said no go back to bed (my 15 year old overheard this they have bunk beds and shared the room. She said he came back to bed and she was almost sleeping and she saw a tall shadow dark man or figure staring at my son on the top bunk. she said she covered her eyes and looked again and it was gone.

there are numerous stories my entire life even…just really wondering where to get some answers.
Thank you!

Asked by Erin

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Hi Erin,

If someone shook me awake I’d get annoyed too. Sounds like you have a ghostly visitor who is affecting your whole family, so I suggest you either have your home blessed by your local priest or minister, or scroll down this webpage to the link to the Michael Invocation, follow it through, read the page and use the invocation to clear your home and everyone in it. Anyone over the age of 13 will have to use it to clear themselves. It’s very effective and will move on the entities you mention. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace