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Strange Bite Mark

This morning I woke to a strange bite, its round with what looks to be puncher marks. At first I thought it was an insect bite but when I googled images of different bites none seemed to match, plus living in the UK bite marks are usually small.

I lightly bit myself next to it and the teeth marks do not match in size or markings.

My house did previously have a child who had died with no explanation and we have had some activity happen, like things going missing and being found in odd places and coins being thrown.

All I need to know is if there is something in my house if this is a sign its going to get worse or if its something not to worry about

Asked by Shahna

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Hi Shahna

If it was a child the bite mark would be smaller. Something that looks like a bite mark could also be an allergy reaction.

Does the mark look like top and bottom teeth, sharp or blunt? There are some entities around that nip, but looking for an ordinary explanation first is a good idea.

Love & Peace

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