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I’m Starting To Worry About What Is In My Flat

I have always been able to sense, see and hear things since I was about 4 years old. I try to ignore it most of the time. If it’s calm and comforting I allow it to carry on. Having someone else’s presence if they are good feels comforting in a way, a little like living with a friend.

I have seen some terrifying things over the years in some properties and subsequently left them. I have lived in my current flat for 6 years and have always felt safe. I have recently been hearing dishes and pans being moved loudly in the kitchen but when I go and see nothing, has been moved, I am not the only person to have heard this, even my very skeptical mother has too. I am now getting knocks in 3’s.

Sometimes on my bedroom window or the front door. My flat has cameras at the front so you know there is nobody there. The knocks were louder this morning, firstly at 1:30 am on my bedroom window, then at 5:20 am on my front door.

I also had a growling sound in my bedroom which sounded like it came from under the bed. I live alone with no pets so no explanation for the growling noise.

I am happy in my flat and very ill now days so really don’t want to move, but am really afraid of what might allow me to see it. Any help, Please!

Asked by Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

What you have described is a classic case of haunting that hundreds of people are experiencing at the moment, including the growling. There are a few simple rules –

1) don’t invite anyone in.
2) don’t say hello. Best just ignore all the noises in your usual way.

I would suggest your clear your home. You can have a priest or minister from your local church come in and bless it, or ask a medium to visit and cross whomever is haunting into heaven/healing, or you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that .. it works very well. There’s also a link to White Light Shields that you might like to investigate and use to keep the house free from ghosts, since you obviously are aware of them. I don’t live in the shields all the time, only use them when I feel they are required, but its good to know I can have a great night’s sleep, without being woken by strange noises, or spooks leaning over me demanding attention. It’s not fun to wake up that way, for any of us.

Love & Peace

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