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Help Me Talk To My Mother

I lost my mom early this year… unable to bear the loss… constantly thinking of suicide so that I get to meet her afterlife… only constraint is my 10 months old baby who needs me the most..

She visits me in dreams… mostly its like a usual day we had while she was alive… In dreams sometimes she is angry also…I am yet to believe she is not in my world anymore…

I have an ailing elder sister also…I think my mother wants me to take better care of her.. but my sister prefers staying with our father n elder brother, though she spends few months with me time to time ( to baby sit my daughter as I am working)…

Is there any way I can talk to my mom else I will commit suicide sooner or later since I cant live without her….I have many guilt as well.. I never told her how much I love her and cant live without her..

Even while she was in ICU and I was outside the wall… I could clearly hear her twice saying “dont’ go.. stay with me”..precisely the 2 cardiac arrests she survived.. followed by a 3rd one which she couldnt and said “ok now you can go anni, I have no pains now”… I could clearly hear this..and told my brother also who went inside to check and found….

But I am confident I will get her back to life.. in one particular dream, I could hold her around the waist, the way I usually did..and I told my sister that slowly she will be back in full form… Tell me if this is possible and I can have her back in my life… else there is no survival for me…

Please please help me…

Asked by kannagi

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Hi kannagi,

Please don’t kill yourself. Seek immediate professional medical or psychiatric help for the suicidal thoughts. Suicide is not the answer for your problems, and yes, I was suicidal multiple times in my life as well. Stay alive for your child. They need you the most.
It sounds like your mom might be a ghost instead of in peace in heaven, so what you can do is ask Archangel Michael to “FIND” your mom (say her name) and “TAKE” her into healing. She will be crossed over and let go of any anger she may have had about you. 🙂 The only reason I say that she might be a ghost is because the fact that she showed up angry at you in your dreams, that’s a sign for me when someone is still holding onto their previous physical life.

The other possibility is that your own emotions are showing up in your dreams. Maybe its your feelings of guilt or anger against yourself about your moms death. You did mention that so that’s possible.

Once she’s In heaven, which she most likely already is, you can talk to her at any time, with your thoughts or outloud, and she will hear you. Or you can write a letter to her asking her to visit you in your dreams so you guys can talk.

Hello Kannagi,

Micle answered you very well but I want to add a little more.

By the sound of your descriptions your mother did not cross into heaven when she died. She is a lost soul and her pain-filled emotions are affecting you. She doesn’t mean you any harm, she is just having a very hard time letting go and stepping into the new life that awaits both you and her.

What I suggest you do is very simple and will make a huge difference. Say this –

“Archangel Michael, please Find my mother (say her full name here) and Take her into healing”.

It’s a very simple request that will allow her guardian angel to give her a hug, and your guardian angel to give you one, and then she will cross a boundary she might not see yet – you’ll know when she does .. and then the next time she visits in your dreams you will see how happy she is and how safe she feels .. and truthfully, you’ll be feeling much better too – because she is sharing her emotions with you, in a way of trying to ask for help.

If you are unsure about doing this for any reason, then say to the Michael angels “Please Michael, help my mother find Ama Nazra” .. which often works just as well. Then they will come to me and I will cross her into heaven, and you will find the peace and start the healing you need – you won’t be feeling suicidal anymore .. but if you do, tell your doctor and let them help you. We all grieve in different ways. It took me many years to come to terms with my father’s death and sometimes I miss him very much, but I know he’s free now, and in being freed he also freed all of us.

It’s a huge challenge to let go, but we are supposed to let those who have crossed over before us make a place for us to go to at the ‘right’ time, but now is not the right time for you, although it is for your mother. Send her love, and know that she loves you very much and hears every word you say, every time you say “I LOVE YOU”. She always knows, and she’ll know it all the more once she is Home.

And then get back to looking after your tiny daughter, because losing you now would truly wreck her life and the other members of your family. They don’t deserve that, any more than you deserve to feel guilty about what you didn’t say when your mother was living. Your mother must needs your help for a moment ..

The best way we can say I Love You is sometimes by saying goodbye when we’d rather say hello, but its not for forever, and time does heal us, if we allow it to. And your daughter will love to hear stories of her grandmother, when she’s old enough to remember them .. and who best to tell her, if not you?

Love & Peace

Plx dont say she is not in peace…she has had enough all through her life.. however I cnt let her go…cross that line..just tell me a way I can get her back… in any shape or form.. I need her… I cnt live wdout her..ever.. Pls pls..

Hello again Kannagi,

Yes, a difficult life can result in a spirit not crossing into heaven when they die, instead they become a ghost and haunt those they love looking for help.

It’s not my job to lie to people, but it is to rescue these lost souls, and help other living people to do so. By your description your mother is a lost soul, but she does not have to remain that way. If you truly want to help her, to have her come back to you, most likely in your dreams, then Let Her Go. Do what I suggested – ask your angels to help her cross over, and then you will both be free. When she comes to visit you after that, you will not suffer from the pain she is in, and your own healing will be easier.

So, I have a question for you – do you really want her to continue to suffer the way she is, and for you to suffer along with her .. when you could both find peace?

Love & Peace