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I Have A Spirit Following Me

It started out a couple years ago. First I was sitting at the pc and I felt something behind me, I looked behind me and saw a little girl with brown hair and overalls.

The second Time I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the silhouette of a girl and thought it was my little sister and told her to turn on the light a couple times and she didn’t do anything so I chucked a pillow at her and it didn’t hit any thing I got up and turned on the light, and there was a big pile of clothes where she was standing.

The third time me and my friend saw her in the window, he about peed himself. The latest time I watched her walk up the stairs as I was getting dressed.

My problem here is its the same girl every time and it’s been in three different home I’ve lived in. She’s silent and friendly each time.

I was just wandering if anybody has an idea of what it is?

Asked by Carter

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Hi Carter,

What it is is a little girl who is following you around, as you said in the subject line. What you can choose to do about it, and I do recommend this, is to help her cross into heaven.

The problem with ghosts is that they must draw vital energy from the living and can get very disruptive over time. They are also trapped inside their memories, in pain, regardless of how much they smile, and really need our help to find peace.

At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation. There is information on the page that will help you cross the girl into healing. Please help her find her peace.

Love & Peace

Hi my name is brielle I was born dead the cord was to tight around my neck and it killed me. The doctors where able to bring me back. Then when I was 7 I drowned in a pool they where able to bring me back. I never thought that there was something wrong with me until I started 2nd grade my teacher had lost her husband, to a car crash 3 months ago the class did not know. I kept hearing it’s OK Nikki I kept thinking it. As I tried to ignore it, it started getting louder and louder in my head. So I screamed it’s OK nikki she looked at me and said what did you body got cold and I felt very sick nikki was the name only he called her. Things started getting wrose shadows sounds. I never saw full bodies until one night I closed my eyes and tried to focus on every sound in my house. It was like my self conscious left my body and then I saw them everything looked grey around me I saw no color but I did see plants moving like they where alive people walking around then stopping to stare at me I saw animals to. I was so scared but now I see them hear them and feel them. I don’t know what to do if this is a gift I Don’t want it I just want to be normal. I hate going to someone’s house and knowing something I should not. What should I do? Please help

Hello Brielle

Just to start with .. there is nothing WRONG with you. You are a medium. You are clairvoyant. That means you can see things that others can’t see .. well, that’s not entirely true .. you can see things that millions of others CAN see, and do, every day .. that’s normal, for us. What is not normal, or simply not right, is being told that we are not normal because we have gifts that some other people don’t have, and often wish they do. But I understand your frustration, because growing up, I used to share it .. because I wasn’t allowed to talk about what I could see, hear or sense .. so I lived in a very frightening ‘world’, and it wasn’t until I was 27 that I stopped trying to pretend that I was their version of ‘normal’ .. and decided to just be mine! And then I started to find lots more people who are just like me .. and honey, we are normal. We all wake up in the morning, get dressed, eat, go to work or school or whatever .. do the silly little things we all have to do .. but we have one advantage … we know that plants really are alive, sentient (particularly trees .. I’ve had a chat or two with trees .. and fairies) .. and that our vision of the world is so much wider than other people’s .. and while it might seem like a curse, it really is a blessing.

But our thinking, and our beliefs, defines how we deal with the world, so let me give you a little help – because visiting haunted houses, and most houses either have a ghost in them, or visiting them, or a spirit, or other beings .. is such a pain at times.

When you go to visit a house, office, open space, anywhere new, give a thought to emptying the place out before you get there. You can do this by sending positive energy (make a wish that no ghosts/spirits will be present) and use your imagination to create a ball of that wish energy and drop it on the location, from a distance. I do this all the time, it works all around the world, no problem. And then you should be able to walk in anywhere and not see/sense lost souls and other beings.

Try it and tell me how you go

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

I am a little confused about how to do the positive/wish energy thing. Can you explain more how to do it?
Also, wouldn’t filling a place with white light be enough to get ghosts out of a place?

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