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A Few Questions To Ask Before I Play Or Use A Ouija

I don’t have story to tell but a few questions to ask before I play or use a Ouija for safety.

1st off Ive always been interested in the paranormal and I’ve bean reading these oujia board stories and today I got board and thought might as well give it a shot. I made a board with a pizza box and a shot glass took it upstairs by myself to play right when I put the board on the table and salt around it (heard its to keep you safe).

Anyway before I put the glass on the board I froze I didn’t know what to do I had a bad feeling in my guy and I stood there for a few minutes deciding what to do anyway I ended up doing so I don’t know if I did it right but I asked the normal questions nothing happen I still had the bad feeling in my gut so I stopped and threw the board out.

I’m wondering if I should play or not? How to make sure nothing will follow me and hurt my family I want your opinions.


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Hello Anonymous,

What a good idea you had when you threw that board away. The salt would not have protected you from anything that came through the board, because your hand was on the glass that was on the board .. and the entity, if you had contacted one, could have followed your energy right through the door (that the board can be) through the glass and into your hand, following an energy line that was created by your will and wish to make the board work. It is your desire to talk to dead people that makes the board act as a door. Your reluctance to do so, that GUT feeling that you had, and hopefully still have, might have stopped the whole process happening, but if something truly nasty was anywhere near that door, it could have trampled on your feelings and got through anyway.

PLEASE DO NOT USE OUIJA BOARDS. They are not toys, regardless of a toy company producing them, and self made ones, unless perfectly made, are an even wider open door to more trouble that anyone should have to deal with. You would not put a loaded gun to your head and pull the trigger, or I hope not. The boards are liking playing Russian Roulette .. you put one bullet in a gun (with a barrel) and then spin the barrel, put the gun to your head and pull the trigger .. and keep doing it until you either use commonsense to stop, or kill yourself, which could happen first spin.

Yes, I am vehement about this subject. I have spent too many years cleaning up other people’s hauntings that began with those boards. So much safer not to let into your life something that might ultimately drive you insane, and then move on to haunting your relatives.

Love & Peace

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