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I Dreamed My Cat Came Back What Does It Mean?

I know people don’t remember most of there dreams usually, but I remember this one very well.

I was home, with Loulou, Billy, and Sam, when I hear meows, meows that I haven’t heard within a month and then my older sister screaming at the same time “It’s Lily, it’s Lily, I found her she’s back” and in her arm she was carrying Lily, my Lily.

I left everything and ran to take her and hug her, she was finally home after she’s been gone missing for more then a month. It all felt so real. I was disappointed it was just a dream.

So I was wondering, does that dream means something? Does it mean Lily, my 6 month old cat, will come back home one day? Or does it mean that she never will?

Asked by alexa

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4 replies on “I Dreamed My Cat Came Back What Does It Mean?”

Hello Ama,
I opened this part of this site (dreams) because of a strange dream i had last nite. In my dream i opened the bathroom door of my parents house and saw what looked like my 85 year old father on the floor. All i remember seeing was his shoed feet his legs and his torso. I did not see his face, but knew it was him, because of the way he was dressed. He is still alive, but in my dream i’m not sure if he was or not. You said that i am precognative, so should i worry. Or is it just me worried that it could happen. Tom

Hi Tom,

My mother is 82 and lives with us, or we live with her, depending on whom you speak to at the time. She is getting very frail. I spend a lot of time worrying about her, like ‘will she wake up this morning’ when she sleeps in. Worry about our parents is completely natural, and part of our caring nature – so, do you think your father is safe in his own home, or does his bathroom need some renovations or additions, such as handrails in strategic locations to help him support himself? The dream might be asking you to review this, if it is not already done. They might yell a bit, about the obvious addition of supports, but in the end, what is more important, their grumpiness or their safety?

Love & Peace