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Hundreds Of Whispering Voices, Rushing Sound And 2 Foot Tall Figure

I would really like to know if anyone has had an experience like the following which happened to me one night. If you have had the same experience can you please tell me what you believe the whirlwind chaos sound is, the hundreds of whispering voices are, and what the 2 ft. little figure might be.

I still do not know if this was a dream or an actual event.

I had just layed down in bed for the night when the bed began to rollĀ  like a wave. I remember clearly thinking” I can’t wait to tell Bob about this!” Bob is a friend. That part did not feel like a dream because it was as if I was still conscious. Perhaps I was only in alpha state – not quite asleep and not quite awake.

After the bed rolled in a wave, the room was filled with a whirlwind sound almost vacuum sound and I could only describe it as “chaos.” I then heard hundreds of whispering voices that seemed to come from overhead near the ceiling. I was laying on my back as this was all occuring. Suddenly to my left I could see in my peripheral vision a litte figure standing there looking at me. I was too scared to turn and look at it. All I could see from side vision were two dark eyes and the shape was like the shape of a gingerbread man. No hair, no other facial features, only two dark eyes. I was too petrified to move so I began to pray as I always did when having a bad dream or experience and everything stopped and everything was gone and back to normal.

Serious replies only please as I honestly need answers.

Thank you!

Asked by Iris

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Hello Iris,

You were a little too aware (still a bit awake) when your spirit passed through the ‘void’ between earth and the astral planes (heaven) .. believe me that place is noisy, weird and can often be very frightening. It’s not a good place to hang around in, nor explore. As to the figure, there are more entities on this planet, in the void, and in heaven, than people realise. Mostly they are harmless, some of them are as curious about us as we are about them. I wouldn’t worry about either it, nor the experience you had .. just remind yourself to go deeper into the ‘sleep’ before you astral travel.

Love & Peace

Hi Iris, Maryam here Just Wish to say that Ama. Is right and you don’t really need to fear. I think GOD has blessedyou with the best knowledge on what to do just turn to him and he will help you see he has already blessed you with the answer.Thank you for sharing alot of times it is important to share it can confirm one’s believe and also help those who are hearing what you have to share to also be strong Thank you once again for your kindness in sharing may GOD continue to bless you.

…hey Iris…

…i am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason…a fact i am taking from your experience is that no harm has come to yooh…and i also agree that yooh were astral traveling…and maybe next time dont fear and enjoy the experience of meeting beings of other realms…protect yourself before yooh travel and enjoy…

…dark blessings…


Hi all,

After reading some comments about Astral. I started to feel rather angry by the statements, but in general, each to there own. Astral has many plains, and each are different to all who experience it. I have astral projected since the age of 6, which is now a long time ago. I am clearly stated this, Astral plain, is resting ground for the stress and agony of this planet, a place you can build and also read so many literatures, which cannot and will not exist on this reality, but many books of the occult which are out of print, have some accounts of astral libraries. Therefore, take this has a experience, and a lucky view on the world we live in. Astral plain has many door ways to many more places, I ain’t saying where I been because it is some of experiences which should stay with individual.

Astral plain was give to the human race, and also animal kingdom to escape the world of today. Peace and quite. I hate to say this, but humanity on this planet has forgotten itself, with to much ego, and big headed ideas, and emotions of greed and power, and one which always comes around, is brain washing, but frightening the population with words, and books.

We are losing the wills of men, and that is now lost within the hatred of this present day world of today. We are stuck with it all because we believe it is good, I say this from the outsider looking in, we are soon be destroyed by our greed and power, and brainwashing. We will create the world has Hades, and it is Hades in away, and that is gist of humanity.

Nevertheless, what you have experience is good, and what ever any one says about it, negative way, do not take it to heart. Its just how some or majority of people are today. I ain’t big headed, but a open minded, and free thinker. I see the world, has Hell incarnated. And if heaven does exist, I hate to see it.



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