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What Is The Black Eyed Creature of Gallows Hill?

Okay I need some advice or knowledge from someone on some things I have been experiencing lately, well not just me but also my family and friends. I guess… things are getting strange round here. I’ll start with a brief history of the area I live in. The road is Dualla Road, I live somewhere across from a place called Gallows Hill where hangings took place years ago. Two other times I experienced weird things on this road, always around 1am and always in October. Once me and my friend saw a white figure on a wall, another time I saw a black cat appear from nowhere. That same night we saw the figure, my friends mother was at home complaining because we were making too much noise and talking too much outside… however we were not there, in fact we were nowhere near the house.

Last night at about 1am I walked home because I was not feeling well and didn’t want to stay out. When I got to the bridge over the stream I used to smoke at, I saw a white horse-like creature with black eyes. I’m not even sure if it had eyes, I really don’t know what it was. But it stared at me, and as it did I got this unnerving sense of fear, strange for me as I love animals and I don’t fear much. Basically, these things so aren’t scare me. Up until last night I didn’t know of I believed in any of that stuff. This creature would not break eye contact. And as I continued to walk I looked back and it still was looking in my eyes, I will never be able to explain the terror I felt when it looked at me. It felt unnatural.

I kept walking and it dawned on me. How was it at eye level with me? Behind that fence, where it stood, was no ground but only a 6ft drop to a stream. What the hell was it standing on? I’d never seen an animal in there in my life anyway. As soon as I thought about his I got this horrifically eerie feeling that told me to turn around, that there was something behind me, I was scared but I did. An no sooner had I turned, in the distance I saw a glowing white blur hovering in the distance, where I had seen the creature, but no longer a creature. It was moving gradually closer so I ran home.

Tonight at around 1am, my sister and I went to drop my friend home. We drove out the gate and my sister mentioned this one time when our friends mom saw something odd on this road. The second she mentioned it the car shook violently and broke down, though it was fine all night before that. We started the car, barely out I my driveway, and decided we would not drive any further and my friend would stay over instead. We turns the car and in the middle of the road all of a sudden was a rusty old tyre. It was not there a minute ago

We all got a horrible vibe that we were not wanted on that road. I brought the tyre into the garden of my house so it wouldn’t cause a crash. I don’t know where it came from.

Someone enlighten me please if you have any idea what I am dealing with.

Asked by Shannon

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Dear Shannon Hi Maryam here,
Besides us in this world there are other beings o f a spirit nature some spirits of people that have not past on to the next world usually they don’t. mean you any harm.
Then there are a type of being called a jinn these being are made o smokeless fire and the can change shapes this is what I think it is.
Jinns, like man was created with free will some can be good and some can be bad,they also like man follow. different faiths or none at all.The Jinn can feed off of you fear and also negativity so if you have a negative thought it is best not to put it out there so to speak they can feed on it act upon it. My best advice to you is turn to your Creator speak to him no specific prayer necessary just speak to him he knows your fear knowingest what your going through so turn to your Creator quietly speak to him not verbally but with your mind your heart the jinn can not read your mind can not see what is in your heart but your Creator can all youneeddo is turn to him for help.This is what I would do hope I have been of some help. Maryam

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