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Can A Paranormal Entity Attach Itself To A Person?

Can a paranormal entity attach itself to a person and affect their emotions (for example, make them angry and/or easily angered?)

I ask in regard to a member of my household. Since moving to our home 6 years ago, he has become increasingly angered and very obsessed with Catholicism. It has gotten to the point where my brother, my sister and recently myself have had to leave. This man will sometimes get physical when angered as well.

Some information about the house: it was built in 1868 and before we bought it it could not hold owners long, though we were never told why. Certain areas of the house are colder than others and our dogs often bark at nothing. In certain rooms, guests (and some of us as well) feel like they are being watched. In one room (which we all have had as a bedroom at one point) we would wake up at 2:30 am every night for about a week on and off again.

Any insights or information you have would be welcomed, thanks!

Asked by Kiersten

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Hi Kiersten,

Yes, entities can attach themselves onto people and influence their emotions, but there are ways to protect Yourself so that is less likely to happen for you. Ghosts, which are just people without a physical body and without the being alive part, you know?, well, they feed on negative energy. They don’t create their own energy, so they have to take it from somewhere else or someone else to survive and that usually is from the living people. Ghosts will influence the living in ways to create more negative energy, that way they can get their “meal”. So in your case, my guess is that whatever entity is bugging that man is causing him to be angry which then feeds the entity which then satisfies the entity to a certain extent because obviously, they are in a cycle of negativity which is keeping the entity around the house.

What you can try and see they help are the Michael Invocations and the White LIght Shields that are linked on the bottom of this page on “Pages”. Maybe you can ask the angry man to try it for himself, the invocations are basically asking the angels for help and at the end there’s a part where you say Jesus Christs name. If he’s Catholic, maybe he’d be open to that? The shields are like protective bubbles that dont allow entities(ghosts and other kinds) through to you.

Let us know how it goes.

Who, me or Kiersten? (I’m going to assume you’re talking to me, sorry!)
Hi LunaTerra! Nice to meet you.

Ama sure is a knowledgable person, Ive learned so much from her. I’m always happy to learn more from her and everyone else and from experiences.

Can i get some help please?

Lastnight I went bed at 1:30am wokeup 4:30 am to use the bathroom when I sat up in bed I saw a light was on in never left a light on I was watching TV all night I wouldn’t seen it. The bathroom light was on so having just wokeup I got up and went to pee thinking my bf was in their when I left out the bathroom I saw no light in the living room meaning daytime since he gets here at 8am that’s when I saw the clock and freaked out becauseWho turned the light on? I also had a night mare and so I tried to stay up but I was so tired so I turned the bedroom light on and went to sleep when I wokeup just now to brush my teeth I had 3 big red scratches going across my breast I’m scared email me please response as I don’t have an account on this site

Hello Hi,

I don’t think there’s much to having an account on this website, you just use a name you’d like to identify as when you comment and that’s pretty much it.

Take deep breathes, exhale slowly.

Maybe you can try out the White Light Shields and Michael Invocations that are listed down on this webpage on “Pages”. I also like to shield myself with God’s White Light and Protection, it feels very nice.

The shields prevent negative entities from entering your space, the invocations removes negative entities and negative energy. If anything, the shields and invocations will be there for comfort knowing the extra help is there. Have you looked at the other logical explanations? Do you sleep walk? Maybe you turned on the light in your sleep? Recently, my family has said I have spoken to them after waking up from my sleep but funny thing is I don’t remember a thing.