How To Keep Yourself From Getting Possessed?

I’ve had a demon attached to me for around a month, I’ve been possessed 3 times and when I am possessed I am extremely strong, ive hurt my best friend. It lets me control fire and for some reason fire doesn’t burn me anymore. My life is becoming hell.

I don’t want to hurt anyone again because of being possessed, how can I stop myself from getting possessed again?

Also I’ve seen a witch about it she said she cant help me, wont even step in my house, only lets me in hers because its protected.

Asked by Danny S

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Hi Danny,

First I have questions .. and suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and learn both the Michael Invocation and the White Light Shields and use them.

When did the possessions start?
Did you ask the demon to come and possess you?
Did you give it permission to be there?
Do you keep giving it permission?
What were you doing at the time, for a demon to find you?
Is it the same demon each time?
What is wrong with your home that the ‘witch’ won’t come in it?
What sort of magic does the witch practice?
How old are you?
How does the possession take place?
What happens if you say no?
What else does the demon make you do?
Do you ever have blackouts?

And that’s just the start of the questions.

Love & Peace

I would have the same questions as the lady above does. Perhaps what ever is protecting this so called witch’s house can also protect you as well so I would ask her to do the same thing to you. From every thing that I know a demon can not enter on its own but must have permission and you seem to be giving it time and time again weather if you are aware of it or not you are so you need to think back and write these questions down and then answer them all then you will find out what is going on and can stop it all

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