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Ghost Or Not?

Hi there, I’ve been having a few weird occurrence it’s about 1:41 am here, I’ve been laying in bed all night I can’t get any urge to get up except when I had to go use the bathroom as I hit the bathroom I got this very scary feeling like I shouldn’t enter the room and I instantly sat right back in bed and I still cannot get up and go into that room, and while I’m sitting laying In bed I began to watch only one hanger from my closet move very lightly and there’s no sign of wind in my room the only thing I have on is a heated blanket which is very very warm But as I lift my hand in the air to see if I get any reconization a few minutes later my hand felt a very faint cold almost like a cold hand touching my hand in the air.

Could this be a sign?

Asked by JESSICA19

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Hi Jessica,

Let me see if I understand. You are lying in bed, either not asleep, or just woken up, and don’t want to get up .. which is perfectly understandable if you are tired, but have to go to the bathroom, so you get up and go to the room.

At the door of the room you feel like you shouldn’t enter the room, so you go back to bed. As you are lying there you see a hanger move. You raised your hand .. not sure what reconization is .. recognition? How long was your hand in the air? You said the bed was warm, but was the room? Also when blood runs out of our fingers, our hands get cold. Otherwise it might have been a ghost, which do feel cold when we touch them, or they touch us.

As to it being a sign .. of what? That you had a ghost. Possibly, but possibly you could just have been cold and sleepy. Has anything else paranormal happened since?

Love & Peace