Sleep Paralysis

Waking Up And Cannot Move And Something Touching Me

Hi, I have a question. Ever since this year off and on I have been waking up every now and then I cannot move. It’s very much real because I have been on the phone a couple times and this has happened and I could still hear everything the person was saying, but couldn’t respond.

For the last week this has happened almost every night to me, I’m not trying to do this. I hate it so much, that it’s stopping me from getting sleep cause I’m scared that it will keep happening.

Sometimes I’m able to move in that state but not my actual body, it’s so weird that I felt something touch me a couple of times in that state. I can never see clearly it’s sometimes hard to oddly open my eyes.

Even one time I heard a very strange noise and my body was vibrating. I really need help on how to stop this.

Asked by Mia


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I would go and see a doctor about this it really does not sound like a paranormal thing but a physical thing with your health it sounds like you are like having a seizure or some thing this is some thing very serious. Hope things get better for you

I know someone who had this. She would wake up freaked out and unable to move. It seemed to be stress related. She was a very sensitive young woman. I think it was something related to stress. It seemed to subside at times, but I do believe it was related to an emotional issue. I am not a doctor. I just witnessed this one time.

Oh – the vibrating. I get that. I used to hear that it was “energy” and other new age reasons. It recently happened again, and it was directly related to my stress. The only thing that has stopped it and helped me sleep is meditation. I’m going through a hard time and the vibrating started again as soon as I let my thoughts turn to fear. No fear, no vibration. I believe it’s just stress.
Good luck. I get it. I haven’t slept well in a decade.

Hi Mia,

I agree with Icy and Mick. I would be consulting a doctor about mild epilepsy before considering paranormal explanations.

The vibrations, I get them all the time – but were you just waking up when it happened? When we return to our body after astral travelling we can hear weird things, and feel the higher vibration of our spirit as it settles back into our bodies. This is also normal.

Love & Peace