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How May I Improve My Abilities?

I feel unusually attracted to plants and animals. I love them with a passion and they calm me down if I’m ever stressed or angry. But its like they’re as attracted to me as I am to them. So I was just wondering if it signifies anything because I’ve noticed my connection with them is intensively different to others around me or at least the people I’ve come across.

Also, I have an unexplainable amount of knowledge, like I know things I’ve never been taught. Or I have a strong sense that I know the truth to something even though I may not know much about it if that makes any sense?

Asked by Tanaya

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Hi Tanaya,

Practise makes perfect .. or it is supposed to. I suggest you sit and meditate among the flowers and see what messages you get from the elemental beings that live among them. You might have had a lifetime or two as an elemental, which would give you knowledge, stored in your aura, that would appear at unexpected moments, from those other lifetimes.

Knowing the ‘truth’ of things can be wonderful, as long as it is the whole truth and not just what you think ‘should’ be right. Are the truths something you can confirm through research, to help you to understand what you sense more clearly? If they are, wonderful .. if not, be careful it is not just what you want to believe. Our egos can play games, if we let them .. and our ‘truth’ might not be someone else’s.

Love & Peace

Thanks heaps ama. That helps alot x
And as for the knowledge and research, I try to research these things but I dont find much about it. I get some weird information, for example “pyramids being on the moon” like really weird as you can see haha. I’ve asked and wondered of lots of questions about this place and that was one of few of the answers ive recieved.

Hello again,

Personally, I don’t find the thought of pyramids on the moon as odd, nor faces on mars (that turned out to be mountains). I don’t believe we are the only ‘beings’ in the universe (or multiverse). In truth humanity knows very little of ‘reality’, only what we can perceive with our senses .. and we don’t even use all of them.

Keeping an open mind helps both of us Tanaya .. gives us a chance to learn and grow .. and that’s fun, most of the time. Keep asking questions, that’s what I do too. 🙂

Love & Peace

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