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Could This Be An Evil Entity?

Ever since I moved back into my child hood home, everyone in my house is having nightmares, depression, suicidal thoughts very bad luck, a lot of death in my family. Can this be a bad entity?

I mean it sounds crazy, but so many things bad have happened in the last 8 year’s,  just since I moved back in.

There are 3 adults living here and all of us are having the same symptoms. I have had the house checked out for anything normal and can find nothing.

What else could it be?

Asked by Patricia

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Hi Patricia,

Have you had the house blessed by a priest? You could have ghosts, or you could instead just have a build up of negative energy? To that end I suggest the Michael Invocation, the link to which you will find at the bottom of this webpage. Follow the instructions and use it to clear the house first, then yourself, then give it to everyone else to do the same. If the kids are under 13 do it for them, and if they are difficult and 13 and older, you can still do it for them – some kids are open to the paranormal and metaphysics, and some are not.

See how the house feels after you do this .. or have the priest bless it. That should settle things down.

It might take a couple of weeks for people to start feeling truly better, but if it is a entity, and not mental illness, then you should notice an improvement the moment the entity is gone.

It might not be an ‘evil’ entity, just a very unhappy one who committed suicide, which is very sad.

Love & Peace

Yes, what you have realized maybe is right. Some grounds, areas or houses have a bad luck and cause some unpleasant conditions or event.
There is a ruined house in our neighborhood that has been abandoned for many years. All grounds around was built except this ruined house that is older than other houses.All its wall has been eliminated and just has remained its ground. Nobody is found to buy it and the last buyer was killed in an accident about 20 years ago. This house has a bad pose and whenever I pass by beside it I get an unpleasant mood. It looks like it is a cursed or saturnine ground. I don’t like it at all.
However, such houses or grounds or even areas maybe occupied by some malicious or evil daemons or maybe by an unhappy ghost that had been its owner. The other supposition is that, the ground itself has a cursed thing due to an occurrence in the past.
Its good you know some grounds has been chosen by mighty God, they essentially are blessed and are connected to heaven, are location of God’s light and angels haunt there. Unlike, some grounds are hot,dark and inauspicious and every house that is built on them, will not be suitable for living.
In these cases, the number of Islamic prayers exist. They can bless such grounds and change their moods or banish the demons that are the cause of the mood or events. I am sorry that I can’t explain about them here. I just point they are some treasures of heaven. They are the origin prays that even the common Muslims don’t know anything about the most of them. Keeping Koran itself is a great light in a house. All entities in the universe scare of Koran light and solemnity. God himself says about Koran :

” had we sent down this koran upon a mountain, you would have seen it humble itself and split asunder for fear of Allah. such are the parables we strike for people so that they will reflect. (21)”

Of course I don’t recommend Christians or the follower of other religions to do that, because Koran has a high respect and it must not be behaved as an ordinary book. (let me I say a reality)The non-Muslim are not allowed to touch its lines, even we Muslims are not allowed to touch its lines without ” Vozou = light” ( washing hands and face, touching on head and over feet by water based on Islamic tradition.)