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Why Do I Keep Seeing A Light?

I keep seeing a light that laps around my whole body and extends when I close my eyes and focus on it I can send the light further shaping it like a huge dome.

When I was younger, my mum had been called to my school on school photo day because a white light kept appearing around me, so they had to remove me out of the photo?

Is it my shield and why me?

Asked by Tanaya

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Hello Tanaya

It doesn’t sound like a shield, it sounds either like a guide or a spirit, or could even be an elemental being (nature spirit), that is hanging around you. How do you ‘feel’ when it is there? What you ‘feel’ might give you an idea of what the entity is.

Love & Peace

Then don’t worry about it .. just enjoy the experience, ask yourself for the answers when you meditate, and you’ll get them at the right time.

Having re-read your message .. I can send my aura out to wrap around other people as a form of protection against psychic attack. I can play with it, drawing it in close, pushing it out hugely .. its fun. It’s a bright white light around me .. or in aura photos, brick red, though I have also appeared gold in those photos too. So it might be your aura .. its a part of you, part of your spiritual self, and acts as a form of protection, as I said. That you can see it is a gift, clairvoyance (clear vision), that you hear voices is clairaudience (clear hearing). There are other ‘clairs’ .. what else can you do?

Love & Peace

Im not too sure what else I can do. Ive seen spirits before in forms of shadows but I do get alot of mental visions almost daily, I dont quiet know how to understand them yet but I do enjoy them because they get me thinking. Alot of the time I see places and it always feels as though Ive been there, and other times I get quick mental images of faces, and most of the time these portraits come with basic info like their name and alot of them show me their pain and I assume its how they died.
I doubt myself alot and im so sure that I can do more but I feel as though no one actually believes me and then I start to not believe myself. But my gift is getting stronger the older I get and the more I try to understand it.


That’s the usual way .. the more we trust ourselves the stronger we get.

I am a spirit rescuer .. I can send lost souls (ghosts) into a healing place. I work with angels, I have ghosts, and other nastier entities, escorted out of the human planes .. to where they need to be. I have spent years having visions .. literal visions that are like film strips, or that I am caught inside, as if they happened to me .. and they probably did. I remember all my past lives to varying degrees. I remember a lot of deaths, mostly my own, some I created .. and so its karma that has me rescuing the lost, just as I was rescued as a lost soul a couple of hundred years ago. I remember that too.

We are unusual creatures, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ as my favourite Psalm says (139), and gifts of heaven, here on earth, to help others find peace.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace

Wow you are one phenomenal being ama.
And you’ve provided more help for me than you could imagine.
You are muchly appreciated
Thank you x

Sorry ama one more question..
Have you always had such a great sixth sense?
Like have you known the things you know (especially about yourself now and past life) now for as long as you can remember or did you discover them piece by piece the more you strengthened your abilities?

As many questions as you like, Tanaya, I don’t mind.

I was born with a great sixth sense, I ran away from it as a child, and had to restore it as an adult. It was not easy. My gift has always been to see the lost and darker entities, which terrified me as a child. The past life memories I was born with. I spoke three languages, once I spoke, confused and frightened my parents. They didn’t discuss ‘things like this’ in my house growing up. A lot of memories didn’t make sense until I started growing up .. and I didn’t know what reincarnation was before I was an adult, I just never saw any books on it. I am 52 now.

Becoming myself was more like a jigsaw puzzle fitting together, one magical day, when the angels popped in for a visit, reminded me I had promised to work with them, and its been a rollercoaster since then .. and mostly I love it. Some days I’d rather get off. LOL

Have fun, enjoy the future .. its very bright.

Love & Peace

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