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How Does One Show a Misbehaving Goblin the Error of its Ways?

Strange question folks but, someone I know is having a problem with an earth elemental who’s decided it’s fun to hang around her for a while and play tricks! It is also tormenting the family dog.

All suggestions welcome.

Asked by A.J. Ryder

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Good morning AJ,

One has a stern talk to it. Or uses houseshields and boots the thing out of the house by smudging or clearing with white light.

What exactly is happening in the situation? How is the dog being tormented? What was the lady doing to her home just before the elemental began its tricks?

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

She’s tried asking – she’s tried telling, sternly. But it’s still being naughty. I’m seeing her tomorrow evening to have a chat. But in the mean time, I’ve ‘swept’ their home to clear the energy and put a shield round it. The little critter is currnetly tied to my apple tree in a bubble, as suggested by some elemental chums of mine, so it can think about what it is doing.

Don’t know the details about the dog, but I get the impression the elemental is just agrivating it to make it bark?

She’s had it around her for some time now, about a year?, but I don’t know the details of exactly when it arrived or why. I’ll find that out tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll give it a stern talking to, once I know more of the details. It doesn’t seem particularly stressed out at the moment.


When you talk to it, AJ, ask it what it wants? There might be something that the lady, or her family, is doing that is aggravating it, or its family.

Why do we always think the elementals are the villains? Sometimes its us, hopefully unintentionally ..

Love & Peace

Got a wierd question for you …

Is it theoretically possible for someone involved with earth relion (ie a Native American) to capture and enslave a natural daemon (ie a goblin) by binding it to them, thus force the daemon to do things against its will (ie force it to act like a hex)?


Morning AJ,

Story for you .. many years ago three of us got together, from three different continents around the world (via energy work), and tried to remove an air elemental that was imbedded in a man’s energy .. him on a fourth continent .. that was causing him all sorts of problems. He’d been ‘cursed’ with it by some shaman (apologies to all the ‘good’ shaman out there) for reasons the man wouldn’t explain. The thing left for a day and in doing so passed through me threw me into hospital with the same symptoms (or so it seemed) that the victim had. I admit this was before I knew about shields when doing energy work.

So the answer is yes, some fool might try and bind an elemental (natural daemon) and get it to do their will – in this case, harm the other person – the repercussions of which would be karma from hell (not literally, it just engenders a lot of bad karma), not to mention surviving the anger of the daemon if it ever got free, and its family. They don’t like being messed with.

That’s also a time I learned that if the person is not prepared to let go of the sort of beliefs and issues that bind stuff to them, the trouble returns. We never did fix that problem, mind you neither could quite a few other healers the man had been to .. ?

Why do you ask?

Love & Peace

Thank you for the clarification, Ama, which has proved to me I’m not just going mad. And I apologise to the Goblin for not taking what it was saying as the ‘gospel’ truth (although, in my defence, they are tricksters so I had to keep an open mind, at the time.)

I admit, this particular experience has proved just a little too wierd – even for me. LOL!

OK! I’ll tell you what’s happened, in the order that it all unravelled itself, up to where we are now.

But, before I do …

Remember me talking about Tiim? (anagram of “I’m It”, which is the name the daemon insisted on being called. After going through loads of other nick-names, because I felt “I’m It” was a bit cold, it eventually allowed me to address it as Tiim instead.). Tiim is a human-constructed daemon that had freed itself from it’s creator. It hitched a ride back with us from North Devon and then lived with us for a few months, before moving out to take up residence with a local Clan of Gnomes? This is what Tim looks like in case you’ve forgotten.

Anyhow, Tiim and his new family have bailed me out of situations on a number of occasions now – to the point I’m starting to feel guilty because I have yet to return the favour, if I’m honest. This is one of those occasion’s.

This is what has happened …

It all started with a phone call from my sister last Thursday (15th Nov), asking me if I could help out a friend of hers that was having polt problems. After giving me a brief description of what was going on, we made arrangements to meet her friend the following Monday evening (19th Nov) so we could have a proper chat about it to find out what’s going on.

In the mean time, I did a ‘sweep’ of the friend’s house and energy, discovering quite a collection of spirit hanging around her and her mum, including the Goblin. I managed to rescue 5 earth-bounds at that point, as well as uncutting the energy chord that was tied between the Goblin and the friend. I then placed the Goblin in a pink bubble, before tying it to the apple tree. The Goblin, however, still had another energy chord attached to it that connected it to a third party (unknown).

I asked my guides how best to deal with the Goblin but they simply said “Out of our Jurisdiction! You know who to ask for help on these matters.” So I called for Tiim and his chums, who duly turned up and sat ‘guard’ to, or company for the Goblin held in the bubble.

Twenty –four hours past then suddenly, and without my instigation, the bubble ‘grew roots’ from its base and into the earth as well as from its base, up into the inside of the bubble. Bright white energy was being drawn up from beneath the earth, through these ‘roots’ and into the bubble, as if purifying it. I was not surprised it was happening, just surprised it was not the result of my conscious command.

So anyway, that is where the Goblin remained for the next few days. But, unlike demon’s who have been tied to that tree in a bubble, the Goblin seemed very relaxed about the whole affair. The gnome’s insist I was protecting the Goblin, not imprisoning it although, I will admit my intention was to keep it confined to restrict its movements, rather than give it a ‘safe house’. I feel terrible about that now, for acting with negativity, rather than positively. You see, Ama, when I do the bubble thing with demons I do it for the sole purpose of helping them to break free from the ‘shackles’ that bind them to their Lord – not to imprison them. My reasons this time were less than honourable. I could kick myself for being such a nunce.

In the mean time, I asked the question about Goblins on here and duly you replied suggesting talking to it to see what it wants. So I did just that, although (similar to my guides) I asked Tiim and the Gnomes to act as intermediaries so that if it were spinning a yarn, they could filter that out.

This is what I got told :
“The Goblin was wrenched from the earth. It has been ‘banished’ from it’s family. Ask the friend about the garden. Something’s changed in the garden. Water. Water is important”

I then told the Goblin that I will release it, once I have spoken to my sisters friend and found out exactly what has gone on. My immediate thought to the “water”, was ‘pond’. Have they put a pond in the garden that has upset the Goblin? I’ll concentrate on that first, once they’ve told me exactly what’s been happening. But the word ‘wrenched’ kept playing on my mind. It was as if the Goblin had been forcibly removed out of it’s home?

Come Monday evening, the Goblin is still in its bubble and the Gnomes are keeping it company. I spoke with the friend. The problems started around 3 months ago. Most of the activity happens around the friend (21 years old) and mainly in her bedroom. She has changed bedrooms within the house but things still happen around here. The main activity is objects being ‘flung’ across the room. One of the dogs often starts growling at a corner of that room. The other dog does not get affected by any ghostly presence. I personally think that entity the dog growls at is the one remaining spirit that I’ve not managed to convince to move on yet, rather than the Goblin, although I suspect the Goblin is responsible for throwing stuff around.

I asked the friend about the pond. They used to have a small pond but filled that in 4-5 years ago. They had also built a larger one in another part of the garden which still exists. However, the larger one was build 12 years ago. So, my initial thoughts about the pond had proven fruitless.

So, I asked about other recent changes to the garden. Nothing major had changed in the garden for years. Then suddenly, the friends mum suddenly piped up and said “I threw a ‘lucky charm’ into the hedge by the footpath. That was back in the summer!”

I could almost hear the sound of screeching breaks inside my head (lol!) and promptly started asking questions about this ‘lucky’ charm. The mum said that she’d bought it of an Indian (can’t remember if it was a market stall or a shop) but, it brought nothing but bad luck. So, as she no longer wanted it in the house. She threw it away, outside. I asked what the ‘Lucky’ charm looked like. She said it was more like stone than crystal and had a horses head on it.

Upon hearing this I suddenly remembered watching a program where a Shaman went to a house to help some folk after they’d been mucking about with an Ouija board. The Shaman told them to place the Ouija board in water, because water is the only element that spirit can not travel through. So they filled up a paddling pool with water (in the garage) and put the Ouija board inside. As soon as they did that, the house calmed down. I also remember that about 6 months later, they started getting problems again. They went out to the garage to discover that the water in the paddling pool had evaporated, thus the Ouija board was exposed to air. They filled up the paddling pool again and, hey-presto, the problems ceased. I do remember scoffing at the ‘submerge in water’ ritual at the time (LOL!) but for some reason, that just sprang back into my mind again.

So, I found myself suggesting she retrieve the ‘lucky’ charm and place it in water. Maybe place it into the pond??? This did not go down well because they were convinced the charm would kill the fish – obviously missed the point about spirit being unable to travel through water – and so, chucking it into the canal was their suggestion. I did ask if she could place the charm in a watertight jar and hand it to me to look at, but she wasn’t keen. She just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Fair enough, I suppose! So, that is how it is currently left with the friend – although they’ve not retrieved that ‘lucky’ charm yet.

After the meeting with them, I did as promised with the Goblin. But first, I had to release it from whom-so-ever it was bound to. The Gnomes told me that earth energy (I assumed that’s the white light inside the bubble) has weakened the energy chord, and so before taking away the bubble I must sever that chord. I was told to say, “I cut the chord that binds those together through unwilling means” three times, whilst slicing through that chord with my left hand. The third time, it broke. As soon as it did this, I dismantled the bubble and told the Goblin it was welcome to stay or go as it pleased. The Goblin disappeared for a bit, but then returned about 10 minutes later, declaring “I want to go home, to my family”. I replied that it was not being held prisoner here so it was free to leave, to which it replied that it could not find its way home.

Tiim asked if I could do for the Goblin what I did for it and let it stay for a while. And so, I currently have a new houseguest whilst I work out a way to help it return to where it needs to be. I personally think that, until such time as the friend does something with that charm, the Goblin’s road home will be obscured, so that it would be better staying in a ‘safe-house’ until its all sorted. But, I have given it strict house-rules, just as I did with Tiim. Any Goblin-type shenanigans and it’s banished. It is only welcome here if it behaves itself (which it is currently trying its best to do). The Gnomes are also hanging around to act as ‘guards’. They took that role a little too seriously at first, pointing their spears (I assume that’s what they were, but might be sticks-lol!) at the poor Goblin to keep it ‘in its place’. So, I pointed out the Goblin is currently a guest and so, until such time as it proves itself untrustworthy to be here, we must assume it will behave. They agreed, but I understand their anguish. Goblin’s can be quite disruptive when they put their mind to it.

So Ama, it’s not over yet, still got the one remaining spirit to sort out and find a way to help the Goblin return home …. But, we’re getting there.

This one has certainly been a learning curve!


Sorry about the length of that but, believe it or not, I did forget to include something important …

When talking to the friend she said she kept seeing this grotesque face. I asked her if she knew what it was. She didn’t, so I asked her to draw it. She drew the Goblin’s face. LOL!


Morning AJ,

I’ve been saying to people for ages that an ugly face doesn’t mean an entity is a demon. Goblins generally aren’t pretty, nor are most fairies. Ok, let me reword that a bit .. ‘not pretty to humans’. LOL

Great learning curve! The ouija idea is daft. As you said, the minute the water dries up the damned things can become active again. Far better to burn them to ash and take care of the problem once and for all.

Thought for you: treat the goblin like you would a ghost .. call its family to you. They have more than one ‘path’ to their Home, and they’ll be looking for the little fellow. You don’t want to them to mistake you for the person who ‘wrenched’ him out of his safe place.

Also .. why can’t you pick up the charm and get rid of it? White light shield yourself and take care of it. Waiting for people, who don’t want to remove it, to even look for it again might be a long wait .. and who knows what else the little bit of stuff is doing, to disrupt the energy of the environment where it was thrown. Then Bless it and coat it in healing and sink it somewhere .. water would do, I suppose .. unless it gets washed along and someone else then picks it up? I am not an advocate for collecting negative energy items, but sometimes they are safer where ‘you’ put them .. or ask your goblin family where they think might be a good place to put it, given it affects their energy?

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

I have been asking and asking for them to give me the charm so I can deal with it. But they seem very reluctant to even go near it.

Anyways – after seeing my sister yesterday to catch up with events, I decided to go down another root and, having placed the charm in a bubble, I am sending love and light from it back to the person responsible, as well as clensing the charm at the same time. The bond between the charm and the maker should eventually brake completely so, although not preferable to my actually having possession of it (for the reasons you have quite rightly stated), the problem should eventually be resolved.

There is a little bit of toing and frowing with energy at the moment, but once the person responsible realises that only love, light and a few big sloppy kisses are returned to them every time they try to psychically attack me, they’ll give up. If they don’t they may well have the goblins, gnomes and Tiim to answer to … well, maybe not Tiim – lol!

In the mean time – funny you should say about goblin’s hunting us out. Another tribe of Goblins have since arrived and are not too amused at what is going on, although I do find the raspberry-blowing quite funny. It seems some of their kin have suffered the same fate and they want revenge! Anyhows, I did with them as I did with the original one and placed them in pink bubbles before explaining whats going on – just so they would stop and listen. They’re cool with me despite the fact I am not going to ‘go to war’ the the perpetrator.

I think calling out for the Tribe that the original goblin came from is an excellent idea. Thanks. I’ve been rattling my brains on what to do for the best. I think keeping a ‘safe house’ for the Goblin until the person responsible has removed all ties with all the elementals might be wisest, just in case it back-fires. (Don’t want any more captured and enslaved in the process of trying to resue the others) But, once I am satifsied that the charm has been rendered ineffective, I’ll do just that so the poor fellow can go home.

Thanks for your help Ama