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Black Eyed Kids?

I remember the old website some what covered this topic but I think I saw a black eyed kid the other day but I’m not sure. I’ve been recently opening myself up more to my guardian angel/ arch angel Michael (also is my angel) and ever since I have been doing this I have become more aware with energy and became more peaceful.

Anyhoot, the other day I was walking with my boyfriend in this mini mall which was rather empty at the time and as we were turning this corner of the walkway,i saw this women with someone else just standing kinda off to the side in the walkway, looking down at her phone and as I passed her, in the corner of my eye I saw her face change.

Her face shot up to look at me with this angry (like I want to kill you, angry) expression with these black eyes, just remembering it now kinda makes me sick but right when I saw it I felt this rush of strength and basically this feel of” whatever” almost kind of feeling.

I knew it was Michael but it was my first time ever seeing anything like that, was it one of the black eyed kids or am I just crazy? thanks

Asked by Lisa

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Lisa dear, we haven’t thought you crazy before, so you are going to have to work harder at proving this time. LOL 🙂

Brian Bethel was the first person to write about the black eyed kids on the internet. He put his story onto the discussion site I was on called ‘ghost-discuss’ .. oh that was years ago. Since then many people have had experiences with them, so finding some have grown a bit older is not very surprising.

I still don’t have an explanation for what they are, but I have a theory or two. They might be possessed people, or very new fallen angels in human skins. Either way, they should be avoided, since we have no idea what they would actually do if someone invited them into their house, car, or life. I know I wouldn’t.

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

hahahaha, i tend to feel crazy sometimes! especially when it comes to the “supernatural”, you never know if you’re just..making it up some how or what u saw is ..real lol im still going through this doubt phase, prob why im slowly seeing things instead of at a quicker pace,sadly. So, no one has ever taken one of these “things” home? i understand why, the feeling you get is a horrible one and indeed one of “rrrrruuunnnn away” lol are they demons? how can you make it so you never see them again LOL i didn’t want to see this one but i did.

First of all you may be seeing a person with an evil spirit inside them or
a jinn that took on human form.The Jinn are a race of beings that are made out of smokeless fire Satan is a jinn but there are good jinn bad jinn and like humans, jinns of many faiths or no faith at all ,The jinns like us humans have been given free will. I don’t believe like the other commenter that what you saw was a fallen angel because angel’s don’t have free will that’s why humans are higher than angels.
Angels were created to serve God and with no free will they can not disobey him .The best thing to do is leave them the jinn alone fine you now know of them, just don’t try to make contact with them because you don’t know what type of jinn they are good or bad.

Hello Mary,

Jinn are elemental beings (I agree they are ‘of fire’), not human beings, in my understanding. They generally stay away from humans. The black eyed kids are truly nasty beings, and very frightening for the people who witness them. The black eyed kids want to interact with humans, and often demand that humans take them home with them, trying to force the human to do this by means of mind control. Have you read about them and their behaviour?

The angels fell because they had free will for a short while, and then they didn’t have it .. but those who chose to fall did and became demons. Black eyed kids are more likely to be demonkind of some kind, or even aliens .. than elementals.

Humans are ‘not’ higher than angels. They are a different stream of creation. It is human arrogance that makes us think we are better than the angels, who were created from Love, and act only from Love, for the greater good of all. We cannot say that of human beings .. so how does that make us greater than them?

Love & Peace

To be the devil’s Advocate here (lol!) I think there’s an element of truth behind the origin’s of the BEK’s with both Ama’s and Maryam’s understanding of them.

To my understanding, the BEK’s are more akin to an aggessive version of the ‘shadow people’. I tend to think of the shadows as alien energy rather than either earth or godly energy. Shadows may even be ‘time-travellers’ or ‘dimention hoppers’??? The fact that they observe in the passive sense suggests no harm is intended.

As for the BEK’s, it may well have its origins in alien energy, or even a hybrid human-alien form?? Is it only children who have the ‘shark eyes’? I know most reports concern children but maybe, that might be because once they are adult, they can control their natural urges or their physical changes better??

Then there are the eyes themselves. Are these BEK’s considered evil simply because of appearance (eyes of all one colour look odd on a human and humans do fear anything that is different.) As black is instilled within us as being the ‘evil’ colour, it may just be unfortunate for the person who has these eyes that they appear evil??? There are plenty of vampire movies that adopt the ‘black eye’ look for the baddies in the film. But, if they were blue eyed kids, or green eyed kids, or hazel or dark eyed kids (know one of those), would they look so menicng??

Then there are typical characteristic’s associated with physical appearance. Red-heads, for example, are considered to be feisty. In other words, the gene that dictates the colour of the hair can also contribute to the persons persona.

That said, possession (temporary or perminant) does come with physical as well as personality changes. It is possible that, in the case of the BEK’s, something has attached itself to someone and periodically takes control of that person. Mind you, I have only seen changes in face and body shape, posture, or colour change of the iris when someone is under the influence of something demonic or earth-bound. Although I have also witnessed bloodshot Sclera during a possessed state, the white part of the eyeball has never actually changed colour to match the iris. That is not to say it wouldn’t happen, it’s just that I’ve never seen that kind of physical change.

So, to go back to the OP’s question …

One scenario might be that the woman with the phone gets so fed up of people staring at her because of her physical adnormality, she gets defensive – thus the “back off or else” look!

Another scenario might be that, because Lisa has recently openned herself up, spirit detects this instantly and will make their presence known. Whatever was either attached to, or a part of the woman would want to ‘taunt’ to let Lisa know they are aware of her spiritual advancement. This would certainly explain why her head guide comforted her, to let her know there was absolutely nothing to worry about so not to fret about it. If it was some kind of spirit attachment thing going on, it is certainly no match for God’s angels. Yey!

FWIW – the brown eyed kid I know doesn’t display any malicious characteristics at all. Actually, he’s a very sweet kid, albeit a bit of a drama queen – lol! He’s my great-nephew.


PS Oh! Yeah! I ought to point out, most likely my g-n’s Sclera is white in colour, but the iris is very large in relation to the size of the exposed eye, so you only notice the coloured part which looks odd.

In black-eyed beings, the sclera is proported to be black as well as the pupil and iris (the same as with horses, dogs and lizards etc).

Then there is the question of the vitreous humor and retina. If the retina is also black, as some witnesses have claimed, then the retina of these beings must absorb light even better than the eyes of human beings.

Animal retinas have a green or red color when light shines into them. Human beings have a non-reflective retina, reflecting back only about 1% of the light that enters the eye.

So, although someone might dismiss these strange black-eyed people as a rare genetic mutation, there is one simple fact that apparently no one talks about; if both the sclera is black AND the vitreous humor inside the eye is black as well, these beings would almost certainly have to be blind since no light could reach the retina through the black vitreous humor.

Just thought I’d throw that one in ……… LOL!


That’s a bunch of good ideas, AJ. I must admit its not a subject I’ve done much research on, just grateful I haven’t met any. 🙂 Have there been reports on black-eyed adults, rather than just kids?

I know the eyes are off-putting but if we check the reports on them, its their behaviour that first starts the problem (lack of body movement, speaking voice, strange requests), and then they raise their heads and look at people. If it was an intelligent species you would think they would have developed some sort of contact lenses to cloak their eyes? A predator might not bother, and certainly their behaviour seems predatory. A normal looking kid coming to the door and asking for help would probably be offered it ..

And it was good that the Michael made Lisa aware she was not in danger. Nasty entities can transfer from one person to another, but they usually do that by touch. The eyes would certainly keep people at a distance ..

Love & Peace

To be Devil’s Advocate again … lol! …. folk do have a habit of jumping on the band-wagon and making up stuff in order to be a part of the latest craze. I have read quite a few accounts on the internet concerning BEK’s but it really is so contradictory that some of those accounts must have been mistaken-identity (if, indeed, BEK’s actually exist as a seperate species.)

Some say they are solid, physical beings and not energy forms like ghosts but, when one person reported an encounter with a BEK in a lift, the security camera only picked up the person who claimed to have been in the presence of one, but not the BEK itself. This is despite the fact the BEK was described as being as solid and physical as you and I (only, we’re minus the ‘shark eyes’ – lol!)

Are there adult versons? The only possible sighting of an adult one I’ve read about so far is here. I will scout around to see if I can find anything else though.

As for behaviour and posture – yes, I can relate to intimidation from kids who behave not disimilar to that – we live just up the road from a traveller site and the kids sometimes venture into the village and make a point of being generally anti-social, threatening and causing a nuicience. I would not put it past them to dress up and mimic a BEK in the middle of the night just to frighten half the village to death. They would find it hilarious, I’m sure.

That is not to say that I am dismissing all sightings and reports as fraudulent or mis-represented information, but with ‘arty’ contact lenses and stage props and synthetic masks being easy to purchase, you do have to wonder how many of these are based on a fake? (A bit like crop circles.)

Going back to the lift incident for a moment – quantum mechanics may provide a theoretical solution to the; Two-In_A-Lift but One-On-Film, scenario. If an object is slightly out of either a) time alignment or b) dimension, but another, second object is aligned to both time-lines or both dimensions (thus occupying two different spaces at the same time), then it is possible that the man would see an alien as a solid structure as well as being caught on film, but the alien itself would not be caught on the film because it is out of alignment with that camera’s time/dimension (more likely a dimension differencial than a time-line differencial, I suspect, if this is the case.)

The above then raises the question; when a BEK is sighted in a public place, and they tend to gather in public places, are all those around them aware they are there? Or are some people singled out (like prey) thus, only one or two people in a crowded place notice them? I think this is an important question because, if only those singled out for whatever reason see them, then it does sound more and more like an alien species that, for whatever reason, is paying a particular interest in certain individuals. And, with eyes described as being like that of a lizard (black sclera), that may well mean they are reptilian in origin.

Or, maybe it’s the aliens that are using contact lenses, stage props and masks to discuise themselves, so they look more human? LOL!


And thinking on about the;

Must be invited in …..

this is the classical behaviour of vampires, right from the very start when the first Dracula book flew off the press and out of the publishers door.

Why would anything actually need an invitation before it does whatever it does to you? Even demon’s don’t necessarily need an invitation.

Forgive me, it’s my thought-processes making me ramble.


Yes Ama, there are accounts of black eyed adults! I just started reading up on these beings and some of the accounts seem a bit frightening. One plus though, is that our Angels can definitely protect us from them which is a good thing!! Thanks Lisa!

The accounts I have read, thus far, are freakish and all describe that element of dread and fear upon looking into the eyes. Each one describes a dread and fear like they’ve never felt before and at least two accounts that I have read have reported some form of mind control? They can not get the being(s) out of their mind, are plagued with nightmares and the feeling of no longer being in control of their own minds. Sounds like some form of possession or other. There was one account of a tall male version with deformed legs, as if his knees were on backwards and they are reported not to move the way humans do; as if the motion is unnatural for them. I guess there are many possibilities/theories as to who/what these beings are but I don’t even think they are an alien/human hybrid; the reported accounts make it sound like these beings are not comfortable in their own skin or “the skin of the humans!” Could they be alien? possibly. Could they be demon? possibly. Here is my one question; if they are a form of demon, wouldn’t demons know how to better mimic us? It’s almost as if these beings don’t care to pretend to be human; as if they WANT to freak us out and get us to look into their eyes! Perhaps, if this is of the demonic, this is it’s nature, but the question of who/what they are still seems to remain in question. Fascinating topic! 😀

Hi Luna

For the Sci-Fi lovers around here …….. there is also a possibility that these BLK’s are cyborgs (part machine and part living organism). The Terminator (1984) is the best example of a fictional version.

Reading through the array of stuff about them on the internet, there appears to be a few consistancies …

1. They do not communicate well
2. They show no emotion
3. Mind control
4. Uncoordinated

The first question here is; If something is getting into the human mind in order to control it, or learn from it, it goes without saying that the controller would naturally pick up on the way we interact with each other. They can then mimmick it, to put us more at ease. Demon’s do it, ghosts do it, hypnotist’s do it, so why don’t the BEK’s?

The next question is; why are they getting into peoples heads and do they want to control peoples minds? A few scenario’s might be:
1. They want to learn about humaninity – the strengths and the weaknesses
2. They are collecting ‘slaves’ for a purpose – such as an army perhaps? Or communicators between species? Or, both?
3. The BEK’s may be some kind of ‘experiement’ originating from us? Maybe some ‘lab rats’ escaped? Mind you, with sightings all over the world and not just concentrating in one place, probably not.

Gee, I’ve just written a great synopsis for a Sci-fi film – lol!! Oh! No! It’s already been done – The Body Snatchers (1955).

If nothing else, BEK’s are certainly food for thought – lol!


The old lady in the story sounds more like a demon than a BEK, Luna. And the write is probably haunting himself, from the fear of what he saw. The ‘let me in’ message can be for a house, or a request to come into the body of the person. I refusal, like his closing the door and locking it, should keep the entity out.

The ‘vampires can’t enter a house without permission’ belief is based in the Christian belief that the energy of the house is sanctified/protected by God through the ‘husband’ or whoever is in charge of the household. Very patriarchal of them, but .. unlikely to be true these days when so many people now refuse to acknowledge God.

Breakfast time,
Love & Peace

wow sorry for the late response lol didn’t realize people were commenting :)like i said before i seriously have no idea what these things are but if they wanted us to see them then why do they make us feel horrible once we do? maybe kinda like a warning, letting us know they are here but also to fear them? which i dont lol thanks to my angels 🙂 teehee lol thanks for all the responses!! :)im checking out the links luna, very spooky 🙁 creeps me out to know we aren’t alone here :/ can angels take form of a human too and observe?(i cant imagine why though since they’re with us spiritually always, but just a thought :p) why are things so fascinated with us, the human race?

Hello Lisa,

If you subscribe to the site, you’ll be advised when comments are made on questions. Also your answers are both from ‘anonymous’ because you didn’t fill in your name and email address when you made those comments. Once you do it we see your name, but not your email address, so that we know who to address.

Do they make us feel horrible, or do we make ourselves feel that way because they are so unusual to look at? I can’t remember ever reading a story where people were ‘not’ frightened by them, so perhaps they do influence our emotions. I remember having an email conversation with Brian Bethel when he first reported on them, and he was frightened by them too.

Yes, angels can appear as human, and often do, but they are not allowed to interfere in our lives, without our permission, and it really is easier that they stay invisible and just observe.

‘Things’ .. such as demons and black eyed kids .. and ghosts .. well the first and last feed on our energy, so perhaps the black eyed kids do too? I have no supporting evidence of that though. Stories describe human fear, but not exhaustion afterwards.

Love & Peace

it also worries me to research more into it because i feel like if you do, then you will see them more often lol x_x! one thing that bugs is, i can see those buggers but i still can’t see my own angel yet lol, so frustrating 😛

I think those characters are tangible/real .. in other words, you can touch them .. which makes them a lot easier to see than a spiritual being.

A person can touch angels too, having done it, but only when they make themselves substanial enough for you to do so.

Love & Peace

Can you just..ask them to make themselves so they are able to be touched? lol i always think there is some secret saying or something xD hahahaha and i had no idea angels could take human form..sometimes i see people and wonder lol what if! and i forgot to fill in my name the other times lol i get so excited to ask my questions that i forget xD!

Hi Lisa,

You can ask, but its unlikely to happen. Focus on the angels distracts us from our lifepath, and that is not what they are supposed to do, nor what they want us to do. The angels are like our silent partners. We know they are there, or we believe they are .. or we have ‘faith’ that they are, which is far more powerful than having a true knowledge of them, as I do. To have faith that something exists, without having this confirmed in any way, creates the most powerful energy, and humans are great creators. We can almost make anything happen, if we learn how to ‘will’ it right.

Just have faith. If you are supposed to hear, see or touch, your angels, you will, one day .. at the right time – but that is Spirit/God’s time, not ours.

Love & Peace

I do not know if this is related to black eye’d children. I have seen two men in my life so far that have had black eyes. One was walking by me when I was 18 and I was with a bunch of friends outside of Denny’s. He glared at me the whole time while he walked bye and gave me chills. Also around 18 I was driving up to Crystal lake in the middle of the night with two of my friends. Crystal lake is located in Azusa canyons, Ca. My male friend was driving and my best friend was in the back seat. Crystal lake was closed at that time and I was just trying to joke around and telling spooky stories while we were driving up the canyon. we reached the end at the top where it was closed and there is a ranger station right there. The station looked like it had been broken into and a car was hidden behind some bushes. I told my friend lets leave. So as we were driving down the canyon the cliff is on our side of the road all of a sudden this man was speeding up to us trying to run us off the cliff than he would speed up and hide in the pull off areas and do it over and over again. When we reached the bottom of the hill he was still following us. He pulled next to us I looked over he had pale skin black eyes all just black eyes and black shoulder length hair. He stared at me in my eyes. than I hid my face he scared me horribly and he was trying to kill us. My friend is a great driver thankfully and we got away and hid the car. He kept searching for us for about and hour finally he went away and we went home. I called the cops the next day. Two homicide detectives came over that day and told me they found two bodies up there and if I could give them any information. Luckily I wrote the licence number down. Only thing is my mom worked for the norwalk police station ran the plates and it was a stolen car. In my experience I do not know what they are but they are deadly and avoid them. I hope no one ever has to go through that it was an awful thing and has stayed with me. I am 30 now and I still will not drive up to the lake or the canyons again.

I am glad you made it out safely! That sounds scary. The Azusa canyons was the first place I saw my first UFO during a meteor shower. The UFO followed us too for a while. The UFO had different colored lights blinking in a line and the UFO kept moving in so many different directions that my family and I knew it wasn’t a helicopter or a plane. It seemed to appear from behind a hill or mountain and it got bigger and bigger as it got closer to us. That same night, before seeing the UFO, it was also in the canyons there that my family and I saw this creatures big enormous eyes in the trees below the side of the road. The trees looked small because the side of the road was on the mountainside/cliff and down below were the trees. It was as if the creature were 20 feet tall or more and had HUGE bright eyes, they glowed white I think. My dad tried shining our own flashlight at it and we noticed that the eyes were not glowing like a regular flashlight would, the eyes were not shining a ray of light in any direction so it couldn’t have been people messing around with flashlights. It wasn’t owls because owls eyes are not that big. Does anyone else have any idea what the eyes could have been?

I know this is going to sound crazy but there’s a young boy about 5-7 that has total black eyes that watches me sleep at night. It scares me and I’ve asked him to leave me alone. He’s followed me from 2003 and still shows up. I’ve had 3 miscarriages and I’m wondering if this boy is causing them? I’m very sensitive, I see and hear spirits. I dream and have the dreams come true. My mom passed away on 9/28/12 @10:16pm, I have her ashes in my living room where she can look over us. I relive the night my mom died when I sleep, when I moved into her house after she passed I would see her walking from the bathroom to the bedroom and she’d stop and look in like she didn’t understand why my dad wasn’t in there and why my husband and I were in her room with our things in it. I’ve seen my dad 3 times now with black eyes and he won’t speak to me, but I know that it’s not really my dad because this thing scares the heck out of me. My mom has called out my dad’s name after she passed, my neighbor, my dad, and my husband all heard her yell out the kitchen window for my dad to come in to eat, I’ve felt my mom grab my big toe and gently shake it to wake me up, this is how she’d wake us up when we were kids and when we would come down to TN to visit. I’ve seen tall shadow people in my current house, my husband took pics because he knew nobody would believe us. There’s an evil entity in our basement that made it very clear to my husband that it wanted us out. When he opened the basement door it said in a very deep and threatening growl to “get out!” Needless to say he closed the door and locked it. My dad heard of this and thought that he’d taunt this entity, even though we all told him not to. My father is terminally ill, he has cancer of the blood, bones, lungs, throat, and a cancerous brain tumor. He has refused all treatment and says that he’s tired and wants to be with our mom. They were together for 42 years and he wrote her little love notes every day, they had a love that a lot of people think is only in fairytales. I know that I keep jumping around, just trying to explain a few things. Back to the house I currently live in, I love my home, I just don’t like the evil entity’s in it. I know that there’s a few bad spirits, but also 3 cute little kids that likes to play upstairs. There’s other spirits as well, they let us know that they’re there but they don’t mess with us in a bad way, just the few bad ones make it really hard to live there at times. We can’t just get up and move, we’re stuck here for now. This little boy with the black eyes has been following me for over 16 years, what can I do to get him to leave me alone? I should also include that my husband is a Jehovah’s Witness and has tried praying and saying God’s name, this makes matters much worse so he doesn’t do it anymore. His parents however are of the same religion and they do it when they come down to visit trying to help even though we’ve told them it makes it worse. I also keep hearing an owl hooting at 6:30am since I moved into this house last September. I’ve tried saging and blessing the house with my sister, all of my sister’s and both of our parents are very sensitive and are able to see spirits, only a few of us talk to them though. All of our houses have had spirits in them, we’re use to this, my parents and family told me that when I was about 2 that I’d talk to something in my room and then I’d do a what they called demonic sounding voice but sound older, it freaked them out and a lot of my family wouldn’t watch me because of this. I’m not trying to say that I’m a demon or anything stupid like that, just wondering if this might explain things like seeing people who are still alive like my dad and my younger sister once with the black eyes when they weren’t there.

Good evening Anoel,

There’s such a lot to comment on.

The black eyed entities pretending to be family members are not. Ghosts will play these games, so will demons. Unless it happens more often, I would just ignore it. It can be fun to see ghosts, but mostly its just exhausting.

The boy with the black eyes that has followed you for a long time needs to be sent into healing. He probably thinks you are his mother, but you aren’t. Ghosts get confused. He might be someone you had dealings with in a past life, who didn’t return to heaven when he died. The recommended way to help him is to directly request help of your angels, the Michael guardians most particularly, ‘Archangel Michael please find the boy with black eyes (or any other way you describe him) and take him into healing’. Notice, no mention of God .. think of this problem as a jigsaw you take apart a bit at a time. Start with him. The ‘find’ commands allows the angels (yes, they really do exist, and help) allows the Michael to see the boy and the ‘take’ command gives them permission to put a hand on the boy’s shoulder and escort him into a place of healing suitable place. Then I would suggest you ask the Michael to ‘find’ every ghost in your home and ‘take’ them into healing’. As I said, a very simple request, very powerful and works very well. Then write to me again and we will discuss what is left to be cleared.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra