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How Do Animal Spirits Come Along With Ghosts?

My mom’s cousin brother would hear a horse’s footsteps outside his window after 10 pm sometimes. This was back in maybe the sixties, and the rumor was that many soldiers had died around the place in a battle many years ago so its their spirits haunting the place.

One day, to overcome his curiosity, mom’s cousin actually dared to look past the curtain, and he saw a soldier riding a white horse, both of them disappeared shortly into a mist.

Not just this, but I have watched many paranormal shows where this happens (the ghost appears with the animal usually a horse). So, how does it happen? I can understand the ghosts’ appearance but how does the animal come along with it? How is it connected to the the ghost’s appearance?

Asked by Shreesa

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Hi Shreesa,

Do animals have ghosts .. no, they have spirits. I have had dogs and cats visit me again after dying. We’ve talked about that before.

What people have is memories, and everything has emotions, and emotions leave a residue of themselves in places where painful and traumatic experiences have happened, and sometimes these residues (residual phantoms) repeat patterns due to things like similar weather conditions, anniversaries of certain events (wars), reinactments such as medieaval and civil war type events, and other things .. I have read stories of people seeing ‘characters’ at reinactments that were not part of the original cast of characters, particularly in places of high emotions, such as england and america .. and sometimes what a living person sees is a ghost reliving an experience, horse and all – which is mostly created from their memory of the event that killed them. In a sense, its probably not the ghost of a horse, though they can be seen too .. its the memory of the ghost involved.

Love & Peace

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