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How Does One Sell Their Own Soul?

Hello, I’m wondering how would someone sell their own soul.

I’ve read a story on a person’s friend who sold his soul when he didn’t actually meant it, his friend made a bet in basketball if he made the shot he would sell is soul. The friend threw it but claims he threw it very weakly so it wouldn’t happen, like something lead it to hit the net.

I would like to know how would such a thing happen even if  you never mean it.

Asked by Alex

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Hello Alex,

No one can actually ‘sell’ a soul, their own or anyone else’s. Our soul, which is our spirit, belongs to our creator, by whatever name you call it, and is not our property to give away, or even lend .. but what can do, if we are very, very stupid, is make an agreement (which has to be signed) with some entity or other, that promises us great things, without the living person being able to ‘read the small print’.

Never sign an agreement of any kind without reading the thing from top to bottom, including the small print. Now, that works in the real world, so why don’t people think about when making agreements with demons that promise them riches and fame, at least for a while, until the demon finishes playing with its victim, and then proceeds to destroy the person – mind, body and .. well, you can’t destroy a spirit, but you can certainly drive a person insane.

The real problem is that you can make an agreement in one lifetime that you know nothing about in any others, and have to deal with the same demon, who pretends to be a friend in each, and then does the whole nasty process all over again, much to its amusement.j

The smartest thing to do is to NEVER make an agreement with any entity, regardless of what it says it is, at any time, for any reason. The cost, in the end .. and our spirits are eternal, and eternity is a long long time, is enormous – and might affect everyone you know and love in every physical lifetime you have.

As for being a great basketball player, practise. A person might not be able to be ‘great’ at sport, but there will be something else they can excel at, if they have the patience and courage to find what that is, without giving in to boredom or frustration.

And lastly, one person making a bet with another over their soul .. unless the first person was possessed .. and even then its unlikely, it does not happen that way. You can be ‘sold’, even by your parents. What you are told is that you ‘have’ been sold, and if you believe it, you tacitly agreement to the ‘contract’. If you deny it and refuse to co-operate, which can be difficult, but its not impossible, the demon has no rights over you at all. That’s not what they will tell you .. its up to you to decide its true.

Dealing with demons is dangerous, tricky and mind-destroying. Don’t go there. And don’t say things like ‘sell my soul’ .. there are plenty of other silly comments you can make, that won’t lead to a lifetime full of pain and fear – which is what possession finally becomes.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Ama,

How would you break these agreements and contracts? Is the way to get out of those agreements and contracts including in both of the Michael Invocations?

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