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How Can I Make These Repetitive Dreams Stop?

I have had repetitive dreams of the same things since 2006 when my loved one passed away and wonder why and how to make it stop.

In 2006 on Christmas Day my boyfriend, who was my most best friend as well, passed away very tragically. I went into a deep depression after he died, still have such a hard time with it but life is finally finding me again, thanks to the Lord.

When he passed, a few days after, I had a dream of myself floating down a small river and bumping my head on a rock and dying from it (in the dream it showed him dying that way and me following his footsteps but I that’s not how he died) and then seeing my body floating in the water with him next to me.

Ever since, and 8 years later, I dream of water every night no matter what the dream is really about it always takes place on water, being next to water, being on a house in the water, an island on the water, a building on the water, etc.

Its driving me nuts and I cannot control what I dream of at night but it was getting so bad and disturbing, these can be like nightmares to me and I would be awoken by my husband who would hear me crying in my sleep and try to calm me down.

I have a lot of dreams of being imprisoned or institutionalized as well and they are always on water. For example, last night I had a dream of being in a tunnel (like a very large sewer) which was under water and with a group of people (it felt like school almost) whom were under the control of these authority type figures (teachers?). Then I was taken by the hand and a young man took me away from the authority figures to above the sewer like place and we were in a building but it was on water.

The night before, I was on an island and there was a small house and I saw myself walking from the house and finding a path in the woods that led to the edge of the water and I was just sitting there. Ugh, its driving me nuts. I have had dreams where I am under water and in these caves and breathing like normal, going about as you would above water.

Any ideas what the whole deal is with the water symbolism in my dreams and what I’m supposed to understand about them, if anything at all? Its really annoying at times since my days consist of flash’s of images that come and go so quickly that I have a hard time really knowing what I just saw but then finally realize I am having a dream recollection from the night before and that is usually how I recall my dreams actually.

I have flashes of other images but I cannot gain enough time to see them to even know what they really are. Then the flashes just drive me nuts all day long, interrupting things that I am doing and just trying to live a normal life. I feel like I am supposed to understand something being told to me but too dumb to figure it out.

I would really appreciate any feedback on this, as I had HUGE help from Ama with my last question here and I feel like this is a great site for these weird questions of mine. I am very grateful for any words of wisdom!

Thank you and God Bless!

Asked by Kim

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Hello Kim,
I have a couple of questions; first, after your boyfriend died, you mentioned going into a deep depression. Did you try seeking help for that depression, such as couselling or therapy or did you try to cope on your own? Water is often symbolic of emotion and the fact that, in all of the dreams you are either being carried by, surrounded by or engulfed by water(or your emotions) My sense is that there isn’t anything spiritual going on her, but rather, your own mind trying to sort through your feelings and come to terms with a traumatic event in your life and the emotions that you have been repressing, whether or not you may be aware of them. My advice is to seek couseling, if you haven’t already to try and sort through what, exactly, it is you are feeling and why, in reguards to these dreams and your feelings towards your deceased boyfriend. My guess is there is something about his passing you haven’t faced, feelings you haven’t dealt with and a good possiblity that there are still some repressed emotions you need to release in order to move on with your life. You see, dreams are often our minds way of sorting through problems and emotions that we may be bottling up inside.Sometimes dreams have a spiritual message and sometimes they are our minds way of figuring things out. This situation, to me, is not so much a spiritual one as it is your higher self trying to give you a message to deal with your emotions and express them so that you can completely heal and move on with your life. At any rate, I hope that has helped.Best of luck to you! I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been to lose someone you loved. I pray for speedy ealing for you so that you can be more present in the rest of your life and finally put a stop to your troubling dreams! Peace, Love and Light, LunaTerra

Thank you so much, I read your reply and for the first time in so long something actually made sense. I believe you are totally right about my coping with the emotions I’ve had not just after the loss of my loved one but some other really hard times that I have gone through. I feel I am finally in a better place in life and though I did seek counseling after the loss of my loved one I don’t think it was effective as I was not willing to even try to let go at the time. I was so angry with the world and I wanted him back so I hurt myself in return unknowingly. But I was wondering how to contact you directly as I have some paranormal and spiritual questions that I really need help with as they are strange and I have done everything in my power to help myself and cleanse the “situation” ,per se, but I’m getting nowhere it seems. I need more help than I’ve been able to find on the internet as I seem to be the only one who a spirit is speaking to directly with easy efforts and says they will not leave because I asked them for help. This is getting annoying and I want to move on with my life. Thanks LunaTerra! If I don’t see a reply on here I’ll find another way to contact you but I’m not too saavy with forums, sorry. Thanks again and God Bless your good heart and soul!

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