Is My Mind Playing Tricks On Me Or Is This Something Paranormal?

Hello, I’ve been wanting to know if what I have been seeing is just my mind playing tricks on me or its really paranormal activity.

I amĀ  a 14 years old and my family built a house in 2008 in new market, tn. I know that there was a war on the other side of the railroad tracks but we are nowhere near it. Well the first time Ive seen anything was about two years after we moved in, I was asleep one night and I rolled over and opened my eyes.

The light from my DVR shines to the wall in front of it, I was able to see a human shaped shadow. Since I was in bed and no one else was in the room it couldnt be anything else. The feet started at the end of the bed and the head stopped in the middle of the wall. I just got up and touched its feet and ran.

Two days afterwards I got woken by noises that sounded like stuff being moved on my desk. Over the next few years I didn’t feel comfortable staying in the house alone but I had no choice since both of my parents work. I would hear strange noises like a dryer door closing or a cabinet. My room was almost always the coldest room in the house.

The other day when I was cleaning my closet I looked up at my attic access door(which I usally look at alot) and the attic door was pushed up and moved dignal. My parents thought it was just pressure or my brother, my brother didnt do it and when my dad put it back in place he said it was to heavy to be pressure.

No one has been in my room and no one goes to the attic. It hasn’t tried to touch me physically. Only I believe in paranormal in this house and have watched many shows about it. Im very fascinated about it, but Ive heard they can be very dangerous.

I just want help about the situation. thank you

Asked by taylor

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Hello Taylor

Ghosts are generally not dangerous. There are those who tend to stay around the places they died at, and those who haunt people. Your ghost, if it is a ghost, sounds like one of the first .. just hanging about. He or she might just be repeating their usual daily activities, without realising it is not their house they are doing this in.

I don’t recommend people talk to ghosts because ghosts drain energy from the living, and that is not healthy for us. As long as the ghost leaves you alone, you could just leave it there .. but consider this .. would you like to remain trapped somewhere you are not supposed to be (this planet) when you could go to a place and find peace and happiness again?

You can make a request of your angels to help the ghost –

“Archangel Michael, please Find the ghost whose feet I touched .. or ‘who opened the attic door’ .. and Take it into Healing.” The find command allows the angel to go to the ghost and say ‘Taylor said I could talk to you’ and the Take command allows the angel to escort the ghost Home. It’s the best thing to do.

Love & Peace

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