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Decade Long Haunting

This happened a couple of years ago and I have experienced anything with this spirit, or demon since. I had a traumatic experience as a child where I dreamed I was being attacked by this woman; there were so many different things that went through my mind before it happened; like I thought I was awake or waking up due to a distant humming coming into my room and the foul odor of rotting flesh and then she jumped on my bed and began to strangle me. I was obviously terrified and and struggled to break free when my mother busted into the room, she was gone. I thought it was all a big bad dream until I seen the marks on my neck; but I just tossed it up to me doing it to myself on accident.

Anyway; here comes something even more unsettling ; so I grew up and hadn’t really though about it in over ten years until I was awoken from a dead sleep in the middle of the night. I had a horrible nightmare where things were a little to similar! I was in my mothers home; I walked into the house and began to hear the same bone chilling hum and odor. I looked upstairs at the side of the house that used to be my room and I seen a shadow coming out of my old bedroom and walking towards the railing to look down at me. I swear I have never seen evil like that; if I have ever seen it before that night. It was like she knew that I wasn’t there anymore; and she felt enraged that I tricked her! She glared at me for what seemed like hours and I could feel her all over me!

I woke up and immediately called my mother to check on my family and make sure they were all okay. I explained the dream to her and she informed me that her house-guest who was staying in my old bedroom had been attacked. I dropped the phone and had chills all over my body; I spoke with the house guest and the girl told me that the light began to flicker on and off and the switch from the lamp began to twirl in circular motions before stopping; I don’t know how I knew it and I don’t know what made me dream about her or what connection she has with me but I do have gifts such as this one in my family and I would just like to know what this is called; cause I have carried it around without knowing a single thing about it. and it isn’t just this one haunting; anytime I am staying in a home that is inhabited with spirits or entities; I have so much activity around me; especially in my dreams! they have gotten worst since I have gotten older but I haven’t seen her since that night in my mothers home.

Asked by Shawn

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Hello Shawn,

Some mediums have the gift to cross ghosts into heaven, regardless of whether the medium or the ghosts believe heaven exists. They attract entities to to them, usually negative ones.

The lady you first described might have been a demon, or could have been a ghost that murdered someone and was reliving the experience with every living person she connected to. The fact that the event repeated in your mother’s home, means the house is haunted, rather than you being haunted .. so I would suggest to your mother, if she is religious, that she have her home blessed by a priest or minister, to get rid of the entity. You could also use the Michael Invocation, the link to which is at the bottom of this webpage. Then I suggest you both learn White Light Shields, which really only need a little imagination, to keep entities like that, and lesser problems, away from you. That link is also at the bottom of this page.

I am a Spirit Rescuer. That means I attract ghosts, and end up having the strangest ‘dreams’, as I get to experience the death of the ghost, or some other tragic event that trapped them in time and space. The moment I realise what is happening I cross the ghosts over into healing, and then calm down. I have seen, in my ‘dreams’, and in my mind’s eye, some very strange and horrible events, which is why I try to help if I can. It sounds to me that you might be able to help too .. so I am going to recommend you go and read about Spirit Rescue on my webpages www. RescueWork.html. (You’ll have to copy the address into your browser and take out the gaps.) It might explain a little of what you are experiencing. If you have questions, you can write to me from there.

Love & Peace