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Big Eyes Alien Or Demon?

My Father tells me many stories from his childhood, out of all his stories this one is the creepiest and scariest. He told me this story in Spanish but I am gonna tell it in English from his point of view.

One evening I lost track of time in the city my dad always told me to start heading home before sunset because once you start to make your way back home leaving the city there is no lights coming back. I got on my horse and started making my way back and the sun was going down quickly, before I knew it I was surrounded in darkness hugging my horse as it galloped along the trail back to the ranch. It was so dark If I were to put my hand 3 inches in front of my face I couldn’t see it, all that was visible were the stars shining in the sky.

Locals talked about seeing 6 men carrying a coffin by the small river I had to cross eventually going home. The story goes while crossing the river you will hear footsteps on the water and rocks being kicked to your left. But no matter how much noise and footsteps you hear you must NEVER turn left, always look right while crossing. Because left is the side of the devil and if you look left when you hear the noises you will see 6 men staring at you with glowing eyes. It’s been proven that people died from fear and falling off their horses when seeing the men.

As I arrived closer to the river I could hear the calming rush of water running through the rocks, trying not to remember the old tale I focus on hugging the horse and hoping he takes me home safely. Then I hear footsteps… They get louder… I’m trying my hardest not to look left just keeping my eyes closed trying not to open them. My horse seems agitated, I know he sees something that I refuse to turn and see. But my curiosity gets the best of me, and I slightly open my eyes and turn left. 2 big round red eyes stare at me 10 feet away. As I start to tear up and cry, I signal my horse to go! Fearing for my life I hug my horse tighter and never have I felt happier to be with another living thing especially a horse.

I get home yelling to my mother and father telling them what i saw. My dad looks at me and laughs.”I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME BACK LATE BOY! TAKE YOUR ASS TO BED!”

That is the end of that story. I am curious big eyes means aliens no? He was 9 years old from what he tells me and the place he speaks of is Guatemala.

Asked by Divad

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Hello Divad,

That’s a great story to scare the kids with, and have them come home before dark. I wonder if that is why your grandfather laughed? Perhaps he knew your father were not in any trouble, but you must have been very frightened – did he continue to come home later after that?

What sort of wild animals lived in the environment he lived in? How high up were the eyes when he saw them? Did he go back to the river crossing and look at the spot he thought he saw the eyes at? If the eyes were high up, was there a ledge or tree somewhere that an animal could perch on/in? I would be looking for an ordinary explanation to what he saw, rather than a pararnormal one.

Love & Peace

I asked my dad and he told me he did come home late many times after that night but never again saw the big red eyes.He says Wild dogs,cats,deer,pigs,foxes,and many more wild animals live around that area, it was too dark to tell how high exactly the eyes were but it wasn’t higher then him on the horse. He said he use to pass by that small river everyday going towards the city to work and there was many trees.He explains the eyes to be bigger then a mango.Also he say’s that my grandpa didn’t care if anything happened to him or not only told him to go to bed because they had work in the morning again.

Hello Divad,

Eyes larger than mangos? That’s big! It might have been an elemental entity, which is not generally harmful, just a nature spirit (we know them as fairies, gnomes, undines or sylphs), or .. simply put, it could be the eyes have grown larger in your father’s mind over the years. It does happen. Our memories will change over time, as will our emotional reaction to events that happened in the past. I know this for a fact, since I record most of my metaphysical events and often find that my ‘memory’ of the events has changed over time .. which is why I write them down now, and suggest other people do so too.

I know your father was frightened by what he saw .. but can he separate his fear from the feelings he had as he crossed over the river? You see, from your telling of the story, he was obviously feeling frightened ‘before’ he saw the eyes, or was expecting to be frightened. His fear, and his father’s reaction, which was, as you have now told me, harsh, might have added to how he viewed the experience over the years, making the entity appear more dangerous.

If the entity had been a demon your father might have felt terrorised, and describe his emotions far more fearfully. It might not have just looked at him, but chased him as well. If it had been an alien, they have their own agenda and if they had been interested in him, he might have lost ‘time’ on the way home, arriving far later, if he’d been abducted. So I am back to the theory of either some form of wild animal, yet undiscovered by man, or an elemental being, nocturnal ones would have large eyes, or .. the eyes got larger.

I have had conversations with elemental beings myself a few times over the years, so I know they are real. They do not mean us harm, which is more than we can say about them and their environment (our planet). I am sorry your father was frightened because they are very interesting to talk to, but something peering at me in the pitch dark would scare the blazes out of me too. I think he was very brave to keep going over that crossing over dark.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I see thanks 😀 I myself am convinced it was just a wild animal now hearing what a demon or alien could have done if it was either.I want to go to where he was raised as a child I hear its very beautiful with very little people hopefully,I’ll run into a couple fairies myself~ ^-^

That sounds like an animal. Even deer seen in the dark can be frightening. I ran out of gas one time at night coming home from work, and I had to walk about 5 miles to home. I kept hearing this click click behind me, when I stopped it stopped. When I started walking again it would start again. A car came by and in the headlights I could see it was a small doe deer,but the red eyes in the car’s headlights made it look very eerie.

I sent this once but I dont think it went. It may come up twice.

It sounds like an animal. Even deer have red scary eyes in the dark. Ive seen it many times where I used to live. The most scary eyes at night when the light is just right, believe it or not, are rabbit’s eyes. They are really other-worldly and creepy looking.