Dreams and Sleep

Has Anyone Had A Dream Where They Chased A Spirit Or Ghost?

I had a dream about a year ago where I saw a spirit. I could not tell if it was male or female but it seemed more effeminate. It appeared to be tall and thin in stature and it did not appear to walk. It did not fly either but it seemed to glide when it moved. It appeared grayish and emitted some light. The spirit noticed me and began to move away further away from me. I didn’t exactly run after the spirit but I kind of pulled or willed myself closer to the spirit and it began to move faster ahead of me. I was finally was near it enough to confront it and the spirit turned around and grabbed me and shook me violently where I felt completely paralyzed and helpless until I woke up. This dream was very real to me and a year later i’m wondering if the ghost shook me to wake me up so I could not pursue it. I’m still a bit scared of that one.

On another subject.

When I was very young perhaps 4 or 5 I used to be visited by malevolent beings. Small in stature I would say somewhat like dwarves. Typically they would just act like bullies just intimidate me, taunt me, and go after my hands if they were close to the edge of the crib. There were two usually and I think on one or two occasions 3 or more. Mostly male. There was a female once who would say things that would seem persuade them to be less rude to me. I would watch them in fear until I couldn’t take it anymore and then I would scream terribly until my parents came into the room and turned on the light and then they would be gone. I remember that happening quite a few times. It stopped when I changed bedrooms. It appeared quite real to me and I want to know if perhaps someone has had similar experiences, knows more about what I saw, or how to find these things and maybe how to harm them in the case that i’m not just speaking of nonsense.

I am very skeptical when I read similar things that people write in blogs but i am being honest when I say that these things might have really happened and seem very real but i’m very very open to these experiences just being mental flukes and total BS. I’ve told other people in person about these experiences before and strangely they seemed to take me seriously which I found to be odd. Anyway I’d be interested in hearing something now that I put this out there and took the risk of being ridiculed.

Asked by Al