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Is My Cat Seeing A Ghost?

My mom has claimed our house is haunted before we even got cats but I haven’t seen any proof of that until recently.

A little while ago, my mom burnt sage in the house because she saw someone go into the bathroom when I was in my room and my sister was in her room.

A couple of days after that incident, my black cat has been acting a little strange occasionally. Twice in the span of a week, she has meowed outside my door (something she does when she wants to come in) and when I open it, she’s just staring at my sister’s door. Even when I pick her up and put her in my room, she stares at my sister’s room’s direction.

Not too long ago she was meowing again so I open my door but I find her walking into the living room and staring at something near our front door, then she walks closer and just sits there staring. She has also been occasionally afraid of my sister’s room for some reason. Sometimes my tabby cat will stare with her.

So is she seeing a ghost?

Asked by Max

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One reply on “Is My Cat Seeing A Ghost?”

Hello Max,

It is possible she is seeing a ghost, but since it doesn’t seem to really bother her, or other members of your family, I wouldn’t worry about it.

If you want to clear the ghost right out of your home, you could ask your mother to say the Michael Invocation (the link to which is under ‘Pages’ below. It sends all ghosts into heaven, rather than just smudging (burning sage), which sends them outside until the air clears, and then they come back in again.

Love & Peace