Guardian Angels and Nightmares

I hope I didn’t do something stupid (as I have a strong feeling that I did) So I really wanted to communicate with my guardian angel and I have read people’s articles that says they ‘asked’ their guardian to show some signs of presence and the angels did show the signs. (Guess what?) I did the same, just around noon, but by the time I went to bed, I didn’t remember what I had ‘asked’ for in the day.

I had a horrible dream, something was trying to get inside our house (something bad like in horror movies) and I was locking all the doors and windows, I was so scared as it had threatened to enter our house (it actually sent us a small note to threat that wrote ‘its your turn now’…something like that, don’t know if that’s funny) and of course I woke up very scared, confused! and later when I was thinking about the dream and trying to figure out the reason behind it (one of the few nightmares that I wont forget 4 a long time)

I suddenly remembered the angel thing, and after that I don’t want to meet my angel. I know they are there with me, I believe in them (though I automatically remember god when something good/bad happens) but I don’t want to ‘try’ anymore after that incident!

However,my question is – was it a ‘coincidence’ (I don’t believe in the word) as nightmares are not uncommon to me or did I do something wrong?

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Hello Shreesa,

Your dream had nothing to do with you asking to meet your guardian angel. Do you watch horror movies? I really wish people wouldn’t. It fills their minds full of images that later can appear in their dream and scare the hell out of them.

If something truly nasty had been trying to get inside your house, rather than this being a dream expressing your fears of allowing unseen entities to contact you, I doubt the note would have been small. I must admit I smiled when I read that. Seems rather silly that something huge enough to affect you in that way would end up being 12 inces tall? 🙂

No, what I am seeing here is the confusion in your mind over talking to your angels. You don’t have to. They don’t usually stand around and chat. They give us a ‘word’ here or there, or a short thought, or a feeling, or a sense of direction, and spark your intuition, or your gut feeling .. these are all things you might be experiencing already?

As to the dream .. did you eat cheese before bed? That can give me nightmares. Did you watch a horror story then, or within a few days before that? Were you watching the news .. which is a horror story unto itself?

Was it a coincidence? You know, I’m of the same mind .. I don’t really believe in them, but I do believe that our minds will gather up events from our lives, toss them into the air, and present them back to us in ways that can confuse the heck out of us.

And if it was some nasty entity trying to get at you, to stop you actually talking to you angels, it won. Are you going to let something nasty separate you from them, or will you give the situation to God and relax?

Love & Peace

hello Ama,

once again thank you very much! I have no memory of watching horror related anything, last time i watched was a month ago but our minds are bizarre things, so i think it was just a ‘silly’ dream :).
anyways, i do think i just got ‘saved’ by my guardian!! it was few days ago, there was a power cut so no lights in the house, i was alone, and scared.I thought of calling friends to distract myself but all of them are abroad and one who is not abroad(we call her VIP) is very busy with her studies and stuffs, and it was almost dinner time so i didn’t want to be selfish calling her to disturb ,so i’d given up on calling anybody.I was also thinking ‘people have guardian angels to calm them at such situations and i am not even in a position to think about them(after the horrible dream i had) god! i was so irritated and anxious, and i thought i’d settle down with a movie, but just then, my phone vibrated!!!and the most unexpected thing was that it was the ‘busy’ friend calling at the most busy time(usually i call her,she called me last time was almost a year ago),we talked for abt 30mins and by the time i hung up, i was already feeling better and relaxed! when i asked her the reason for calling, she replied she was really ‘bored’ with her never ending assignments so she ‘thought’ of me and called…so,i think it was my guardian’s way of helping me and i thanked him/her for it 🙂
and,yes i am going to relax and leave the situation to god 🙂

I have recently been thinking (in the past 2 weeks) more and more about if guardian angels exist. In the last two weeks i have gotten in two biking accidents in which a truck does not see me on my road bike and hits me. I’m going to college, and college drivers suck. The first time, the car hit me, I was going 30 mph. I was thrown off my bike, landed kind of in a roll and walked away without even a scrape or cut. The other one happened a few days ago when a truck sped past me then turned right in front of me. My bike tire hit the side, and my momentum caused my to slam my shoulder into the side of the truck. My shoulder put a large dent in the truck, but it didn’t even feel sore afterward. I was going 28 mph. The more I think about it, the more i remember past experiences where I should have been hurt really bad, but walked away without a scratch.

Last night, I had a nightmare, the first one in months. I was in a house that felt really familiar, and demons were trying to get in, a few of them did. Someone ran up to me. I cant remember what he looked like, only that he was male, and seemed really really familiar. He looked really scared or freaked out, and yelled that I need to escape and wake up. I still remember what the demons look like, and I remember thinking in the dream that I should be scared, but I wasn’t. I awoke and was covered in sweat.

This is my first time on this site, and when I read the story above, about the things trying to get in the house, it seemed strange that our dreams were similar when we both started to become more aware of the guardian angels. My purpose of coming to this site was to ask this question? Can guardian angels be hurt, or even die? Could my guardian angel have been injured or been killed in this nightmare?

Hello Nicholas,

Can you ride to school by a different route for a few days? The one you are using doesn’t sound all that safe right now.

Did you have your shoulder checked by a doctor? I would. You might have done damage that you won’t feel now, but when you get older you will. Better safe than sorry later.

You don’t any mention, in your dream, of anything happening to an angel. Did you leave that bit out by mistake? The man that ran up to you in your dream was not your guardian angel. Angels do not feel fear, nor show it. That is a human condition.

If you had really been having problems with demons around you, you would have felt frightened .. instead perhaps look at the dream as your mind asking you to look at some event from your past that is casting its influence over your life today. The ‘house’ in dreams can represent our body (also our mind), the demons could be ‘injury'(or some other negative aspect in our life), the man who was so familiar could be a younger version of yourself. We wake up covered in sweat because our energy can go into overdrive when we are dreaming and having nightmares.

Your dream and Shreesa’s, while having a similar theme, are different from each other because of her fear.

No, guardian angels, angels of any kind, cannot be killed. Only human bodies stop functioning (die), angelic forms, and our spirit selves, never die. I have seen injured angels, but that is usually just before they ‘fall’, as if some measure of Grace has left them, so that they can be injured – I guess because they are already ‘injured’ in some way we can’t see. Any spiritual being can be returned to the energy from which it was created, but they then re-form. They are all ‘aspects’, or parts, of the creator being, and do not really live in separation from it – even if they think they do.

If a guardian angel was injured protecting its human, there’d be another guardian there to take up the work before it happened .. which can be a little strange to imagine, unless you really do believe that the creator does know what is happening within itself.

Love & Peace

hi Nicholas,
hope u r doing fine and have not met with any kind of accidents!

well…so,u mentioned in ur previous comment, “it seemed strange that our dreams were similar when we both started to become more aware of the guardian angels”,to which, i’d reply with “nightmares are not uncommon to me”,my ghost dreams usually takes place in the very room m sleeping,(no matter if its my room or not),my current house or previous house/room. i started having them since i was 12-13 yrs old till now. However, it is strange that you became prone to road accidents(after u started thinking abt guardian angels?)
There must be a reason behind the accidents and how u always end up safe( and hope u will always), but as of now, like Ama says, use another route..
And thank u once again Ama for clarifying things as always 🙂